Covid-19 Bulletin: 26

Thu 31 Dec

Dear fellow members

I had so wished to be able to write to us all by the end of the year with some upbeat messages, but that time has not come yet. The Covid Group has been studying the latest Government guidelines overnight, and I wish to report the following:

Tier 4 and Poole Yacht Club

Not really a surprise to any of us I am sure, but from midnight Thursday morning 31st December 2020, Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole moved into Tier 4 of National Covid restrictions which means Stay at Home (except where reasonable for work, education or exercise).

Keeping you updated

We will continue to work out what it means for Poole Yacht Club activity over the coming days and update you as necessary, but I’ll keep it as brief as I can right now.

With immediate effect

The Government rules clearly state that you may only exercise within your current Tier and may not travel to an area in a different Tier. Therefore, at this stage, it is not possible for members who are currently in Tier 3 areas to visit the Club. This applies to Night watch volunteers also. If you have a concern about your boat please contact the office to arrange for assistance (01202 672687).

The Clubhouse

Will be closed as there can be no bar and catering service. The changing rooms are closed. The toilets remain accessible, but must be used by only one person at any time. Please follow the usual covid social distancing guidelines and wear a mask.

Yard and Haven

Will remain open to continue with the haul-out programme and members are allowed access to work on or check their boats, but must not meet with more than one other person whom they do not live with.

With this very infectious strain of the virus, you must respect the space of those employees in the yard. Do not approach them and do not assume they will be able to assist you.

Dinghy Park on-line booking forms

These will be available during the week ahead.

The Night Watch Volunteer cover

Will continue and if you wish to volunteer to help out at this time please contact Mike Jones (

Organised Sailing

Cannot take place. This means the New Year’s Day Race is cancelled; the laser meet planned for Saturday 2nd January 2021 and the races of the Frostbite series (from Saturday 9th January 2021) cannot take place. The associated RIB refresher training scheduled for Sunday 3rd January 2021 cannot now take place.

Recreational Activity

You may take your boat out of the haven for recreational exercise but only with members of your household on board, or just you and one other person.

The Current Tiers

Will be reviewed by Government every 2 weeks and we will update you of any changes, or / and clarifications as speedily as possible.

Please act cautiously and responsibly to avoid putting anyone, or our reputation at unnecessary risk, and one more reminder that if you are visiting the Club for any reason you must follow the Club rules on social distancing.

Remember, the prime instruction in Tier 4 to get us through to the point where the vaccine starts to help is STAY AT HOME.

Always happy to receive any comments and questions

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John