Covid-19 Bulletin: 18

Tue 29 Sep

Dear fellow members

Regretfully, further restrictions have to be introduced now.

Why and why us?

We will all have become aware of the recent worrying trends with regard the spread of the Covid-19 Virus and the current “second wave.”

The similarities with the 1918 Flu Pandemic are becoming increasingly striking. There were 50,000,000 deaths during that time and the then second wave had a catastrophic number of deaths.

As a consequence, last week the Government introduced new Covid-19 restrictions.

These enhanced restrictions have a direct effect on the way we operate at the Club.
As you will still appreciate, it has always been, and will be, our policy to be careful, cautious and work well within the Government’s guidelines and the Law.


Catering will now be table only service indoors and out.

You will be offered a table and your order will be taken from and delivered to the table. This will include drinks. You can book a table on 01202 674706

The tables are arranged to maintain social distance and reduce the mixing that we normally love at the club. Please stay in your table group of 6 or less and resist the urge to change groups. This will reduce the chance of spreading the virus.

Take away service

A limited take away service is available if you wish to eat on your boat, or consume off the premises only.

Face coverings

Face coverings must be worn in the buildings at all times and only removed when you are seated at a table to eat or drink.

Register your Attendance

Please register your attendance at the Club by scanning the QR codes displayed near the entrances, if you have the NHS App.

Additionally, we still ask you to record your attendance on the paper sheets with your contact details or membership number and continue to swipe each member’s card at the gate or email details to
This is so that the club has the details for NHS Track and Trace and for our own early warning scheme.

Social Events

With much regret, currently, with such severe restriction in place on “groups over six,” your Social Committee cannot arrange social events at this time. With weddings now limited to 15 people, it just does not feel right to be encouraging events with anything like this number at our Club.

This is a real “body blow”.
We are studying the Government announcements as they are made public, and we will keep this under close review.

Thank you for your Understanding

It would be lovely to return to the days of mixing with all of your friends at the Club.
Sadly, this is not possible at this time.

I take no comfort, what so ever, in being the bearer of these messages, but happier times will return, I have no doubt.


We will continue to do our upmost to keep you posted as to developments and changes via all our well tried and tested ways.

Always happy to hear from you with any comments and suggestions.

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John