Club Guidelines and FAQs

Fri 15 May
Updated Fri 16 July

Rules from Monday July 19th 2021

Restrictions on group sizes have been lifted but the Club is responsible for protecting its members and staff.

The numbers of Covid-19 cases is rising steeply.
Please be kind and considerate to others by:

  • Continuing to wear a face covering indoors when not seated at a table
  • Avoid crowded queues at the bar
  • Avoid close contact with staff
  • Accept that the doors and windows may need to be open for ventilation
  • Be patient as service may be slower than usual
  • Continue to register your attendance using swipe card, QR code and sign in register

Not everyone has been fully vaccinated and a 95% effectiveness of a vaccine means that 1 in 20 of us are still at risk. If 100 people are in the lounge that means that 5 are not immune and you could be one of them.
Hence, the request to be kind and considerate to others