General Questions

  • Can I come to the Club?

    If you are unwell, do not come to the Club.
    You must register your attendance by using your card at the main gate or by emailing the names of all in your party to This applies to members, children and guests and is for the Track and Trace system.

    Face Coverings:
    Please wear a face covering when in the buildings. This includes the toilets and takeaway service.

  • Can I sail?

    Yes. Follow the restrictions and suggestions below.


    You may sail as you wish, within the government rules concerning groups of 6, social distancing, households and bubbles. If you plan to stay overnight, please email the Club with crew names and car registration details.
    You must be able to maintain social distancing on your boat.

    • Cruiser Racing
      Limited racing can now recommence.
      1. Maximum average wind strength 20 knots
      2. No spinnakers
      3. Maintain 1m social distance
      4. Face coverings if closer than 2 m
      5. Maximum of 6 on a boat
      6. Decontaminate the boat after racing or leave it for 72 hours
    • Haulouts
      Contact the office by phone or email
    • Launch service to Swing Moorings
      1. If possible use your own tender to access your swinging mooring
      2. Launch hours are 08:00 – 19:00 Sat & Sun, 09:00 – 16:30 weekdays.
      3. Maintain Social distancing at all times
      4. Maximum 2 people and from same household plus driver in the launch at any time
      5. Maximum luggage one small pack or bag – plan your trip to bring the boat in to the waiting pontoon to load and unload provisions, people and equipment
      6. Follow the launch driver’s instructions
      7. Board the launch before the driver, sit as far aft as possible
      8. Climb aboard your boat from the aft step in the launch to maintain social distance from the driver.


    • No maximum group size on the water
    • Maximum group size of 6 people on land
    • Maximum of 3 groups of 6 on land at any one time. Request a 3-hour group time slot on Facebook, to prevent wait times due to lots of groups at the same time.
    • Maximum of 6 people on the slipway, please wait until boats are recovered/launched before entering the slipway.
    • Individual sailors only restricted by social distancing and slipway numbers i.e. you cannot all launch and recover together
    • Cruisers, R19s and Dayboats are unaffected by the dinghy yard and slipway rules
    • Class captains can organise their own racing for solo or same-household boats, within the regulations." Safety cover can be requested in advance via
    • Adult Training
      Restart is anticipated. No details yet.
      Email for details.
    • Youth Training
      Wednesday training has restarted in a very limited form. You will be contacted by the youth team with details
      Email for details.
    • Friendly Fridays
      Maximum 3 groups of 6. Further details to follow.
    • Hiring Club Dinghies
      Only Lasers, Fusions and Rigiflexes are available for hire.
      To minimise the risk of infection from the covid 19 virus, all surfaces including the covers must be sprayed and wiped down before and after use. Cleaning products and a cloth have been placed in each boat for this purpose.
    • Open Events, Regattas and Parties
      Organised activities are not yet allowed


    • Entrance Gates
      Open as usual
      You must register your attendance by either using your club card at the main gate or by emailing the names of all in your party to This applies to members, children and guests and is for the Track and Trace system. Please lock the beach gate.
    • Office
      The office is manned but the main door is closed. Please contact by telephone 01202 672687.
    • Toilets
      The ground floor toilets will be open from 24th July. Please observe the social distancing instructions, wear a face covering and clean your hands thoroughly. Please do not use the toilets as changing rooms.
    • Changing rooms and showers
    • Bar and Catering
    • Sailing Office
    • Haven Office
      Open as usual.
    • Race Hut

    Conditions of Club Use under Covid-19 Restrictions

    These restrictions are designed to minimize the chances of any of our community dying as a result of exposure to the pandemic coronavirus. They are intended to protect us all whilst limiting our activity as little as possible. They will be reviewed and amended regularly

    2. If you are in a vulnerable category, consider staying at home
    3. 2 metres social distancing or 1 metre plus
    4. Entry to the gate may be restricted if the Club becomes to crowded
    5. Pontoons. People coming ashore have right of way.
    6. Contact Office on 01202 672687 if you have been to the Club and develop possible Covid-19 symptoms so that we can take steps to reduce the risks to others

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