Rules from Wednesday January 6th 2021

You Can

  • Telephone the office 01202 672687 if you have concerns about your boat, the yard staff can check
  • Telephone the office 01202 672687 to make an appointment to do an essential check
  • Engage a contractor to perform essential work on your boat
  • Come to the Club as part of the night watch scheme ( You must observe social distancing

You Cannot

  • Come to the Club for any non-essential reason
  • Use any of the club buildings, except to perform night watch duties
  • Use your boat for recreation
  • Exercise at the Club
  • Perform boat maintenance
  • Interact with staff. 1 in 3 people with the virus have no symptoms but are infectious.
    This might be you or them!

General Questions

  • Can I come to the Club?

    You should stay at home as much as possible.Any visit must be arranged in advance, with the Club's permission, for an essential reason and be within the law

  • Is the yard open?
    During daylight hours the yard is open if you have made an appointment through the office. Between 17.00 and 08.00 the gates are shut and there is no access except for authorised nightwatch volunteers. The beach gate is locked day and night until further notice
  • Concerned about your boat?
    Call the office 01202 672687 or email
  • Can I sail?
    No. You should stay at home and comply with the government restrictions
  • Dinghy Park Applications and Race Fees
    This should be done online. You will not be able to access paper forms from the office. You will not have to pay until you receive an invoice. If you have already submitted the old form, it will be processed, you do not need to complete an online form as well.
  • Swinging mooring and Dayboat applications
    Print the old forms from the website and email or post them
  • Racing
    Not possible
  • Are contractors allowed to work?
    Yes. Contractors must arrange this with the office.
  • Can I perform routine maintenance?
    No. Essential maintenance only. Such things as antifouling are not considered to be essential at this time
  • What is Essential maintenance?
    Urgent action required in order to prevent imminent damage or deterioration (due to, for example, water ingress or faulty standing rigging)
  • Haulouts
    Continuing as planned but contact the office by phone or email if you need to change your arrangements. Since you cannot come to the Club to work on your boat, you might want to delay your haulout. You must not put our staff at risk by interacting with them. You or they might have the virus without knowing it. You can only attend by arranging an appointment and having an essential task to perform
  • Launch service to Swing Moorings
    Closed until Spring
  • Training
    Not possible
  • Friendly Fridays/Social Sundays
    Closed until Spring
  • Hiring Club Dinghies
    Not possible
  • Open Events, Regattas and Parties
    Not possible


  • Entrance Gates
    The main gates are open in daylight hours only (except for night watch). You will need to have arranged an appointment to enter. The beach gates are not in use
  • Office
    Telephone on 01202 672687 or email
  • Clubhouse
  • Toilets
  • Changing rooms
  • Showers
  • Bar and Catering
  • Sailing Office
    Closed, except for night watch. Government regulations must be observed
  • Haven Office
    Closed except for night watch
  • Race Hut

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