General Questions

  • Can I come to the Club?
    If you are unwell, do not come the the Club.
    You may visit the Club to sail alone or with your household, to check on your boats and to work on boats in the yard.
  • Can I sail?

    Yes. You can sail alone or with members of your household.

    Sailing Conditions and Suggestions

    • Only sail alone or with members of your own household
    • Take extra care if sailing short-handed. Consider the option carefully
    • Rescue services put themselves at risk. Please minimize the need to call them
    • Check your boat, especially any engine or radio, the weather forecast and your ability. If in doubt, do not go out
    • Tell someone where you are going
    • Consider a buddy system
    • For single-handed dinghies 2 different coloured ropes on the trolley handle, one for you and one for your buddy will minimize contact
    • Depower or reef your vessel earlier than you might normally
    • Have a tow rope attached
    • Consider a masthead float (dinghies) and an anchor
    • Consider using SafeTrx (cruisers)
    • Overnight stays on board are not yet permitted
    • Landing on Brownsea Island is not allowed (National Trust)


  • Entrance Gate
    Open as usual
  • Beach Gate
    Open as usual
  • Haven entrance
    Open as usual
  • Office
    The office is manned but closed. Please contact by telephone 01202 672687.
  • Changing rooms
  • Toilets
    4 Portaloos are outside the changing rooms. Please wipe surfaces, doors and handles after use. They will be cleaned regularly.
  • Lounge
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Sailing Office
  • Haven Office
    Open as usual.


  • Maintenance work on yard or Haven boats
    See conditions below
  • Haulouts
    Contact Lorna regarding the revised haulout program. Haulouts are limited so that the yard can be cleared. If you can delay your work until autumn this will help the club.
  • Cruiser Sailing
    See conditions below.
  • Cruiser racing
    Organised activities are not yet allowed.
  • Cruisers on Swing Moorings
    Cruisers can be moved to swing moorings
  • Launch service to Swing Moorings
    Starting 08.00, Saturday 16th May. Please be patient
    1. If possible use your own tender to access your swinging mooring
    2. Launch hours are 08:00 – 14:00 Sat & Sun, 09.00 – 16.30 weekdays.
    3. Maintain Social distancing at all times
    4. Maximum 2 people and from same household plus driver in the launch at any time
    5. Maximum luggage one small pack or bag – plan your trip to bring the boat in to the waiting pontoon to load and unload provisions, people and equipment
    6. Follow the launch driver’s instructions
    7. Board the launch before the driver, sit as far aft as possible
    8. Climb aboard your boat from the aft step in the launch to maintain social distance from the driver.


  • Dinghy Spaces
    You may bring your dinghy, kayak, etc. as soon as you have received notification of your space. There are still cruisers in the yard so please be flexible.
  • Dinghy Sailing
    See conditions below.
  • Windsurfing, Kayaking, Paddle boarding and other watersports
    See conditions below.
  • Dinghy Racing
    Organised activities are not allowed yet.
  • Adult Training
    You will be contacted about a new course when conditions are relaxed.
  • Youth Training
    You will be contacted when training can start.
  • Friendly Fridays
    Organised activities are not yet allowed
  • Hiring Club Dinghies
    Please do not book boats as they are not available
  • Open Events, Regattas and Parties
    Organised activities are not yet allowed

Conditions of Club Use under Covid-19 Restrictions

These restrictions are designed to minimize the chances of any of our community dying as a result of exposure to the pandemic coronavirus. They are intended to protect us all whilst limiting our activity as little as possible. They will be reviewed and amended regularly

  2. If you are in a vulnerable category, consider staying at home
  3. Social distancing. 2 metres from everyone.
  4. Entry to the gate may be restricted if the club becomes to crowded.
  5. Only members of the same household to work on or sail their boats.
  6. Only household members in a car. Children may come to the Club but only to access boats
  7. The changing rooms are closed.
  8. Sailing: Please sail alone or with members of your own household only. Please check your ability, your boat (especially any engine) and the forecast. Please do not put the rescue services at an unnecessary risk.
  9. Please do not socialize. We do not want the club to become a coronavirus incubator
  10. Pontoons. People coming ashore have right of way. They are not 2m wide. Please step aside (cautiously)
  11. No members on site after dark, except night watch
  12. No overnight stays
  13. Contact office by phone 01202 672687

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