The Classic Section

The Classic Boat Section organises a series of social events throughout the year including a Fitting Out Supper in the Spring and a Laying Up Supper at the end of the summer sailing season. The Club’s popular Trafalgar Night Dinner was first introduced to the social programme by this section which continues to be responsible for its organisation each year. We never forget that we are all about boats and in addition to maintaining as full a social programme as possible off the water we do try to run events afloat during the summer: subject to the club’s amazingly busy sailing programme. We now have excellent liaison with the Cruising Section to avoid events clashing. Many of our supporters are active in both sections which is great.

Any and all Poole Yacht Club members are welcome to come and join us at any of the Classic Section events and functions. There is no formal membership of the section. Just watch out for emails announcing events and keep an eye on the section notice board situated right opposite the door of the gents’ toilet on the first floor, facing you as you come out so the men at least should see it! Ladies, it’s on your left as you return to the landing, When a poster appears there that you can’t resist, just contact our treasurer, Ken Wilding or me, Pete Hopper if you’d like more information.

Classic Boats

The Classic Boat Section exists to foster interest both in boats of traditional design and construction, built in any material and in our maritime heritage and traditions. It was founded some years ago by a group of like-minded individuals within The Poole Yacht Club and grew rapidly. From the start the section’s social functions and events both on and off the water proved popular with many club members, some of whom were and still are, owners of traditional craft whilst others are not but are interested in maritime traditions.

About the Classic Section

This section caters for those who have a passion for Classic and Wooden boats.

This include all forms of yacht, dinghy, motor cruiser, rowing boat and canoe.

They do not have to own a wooden boat, in fact many of the members have 'modern' classics which have the lines and rigs of older craft but use modern materials and techniques in their construction

    Class Contacts

    Ken Wilding
    Skipper & Treasurer
    John Ballinger
    Committee Member
    John Lewis
    Committee Member