Volunteering at Poole Yacht Club

The famous Poole Yacht Club experience is built by the hands of its many talented and charitable members. Fancy connecting with like-minded people and becoming a valued member of the team? Find the forms to volunteer below!

There are many areas of club life where volunteers are needed to ensure events run smoothly. These range from the regular Race Hut and RIB team volunteers for the Racing Series, Trophy and Open events to additional on-shore volunteers at big events like National Championships and the annual Club Regatta. Please submit a Volunteer Form to let organisers know for which events you are available.

The Club extends a huge thank you to all those who invest their time volunteering to enable such an extensive racing calendar to be provided each year.


DutyMan is a web-based system that allows you to check the duties allocated to you and organise swaps as and when necessary. It will also send you a reminder email 2 weeks and then 4 days before each duty (you can opt out of these). If you have volunteered for duties and you have provided an email address, you will receive login and password details and instructions on how to use DutyMan via email.

The preferred method of swapping duties is by using DutyMan, so even if you arrange a swap by more 'traditional' methods, please remember to update dutyman accordingly.

You can also volunteer for an unallocated duty through DutyMan!

You need a separate DutyMan account, if you have a DutyMan account, you will have received a welcome email containing details of how to login.

If you don't have a DutyMan account and need one, please contact Tom Coombes by email at dutyman@pooleyc.co.uk.

DutyMan Volunteering Duties


Want to volunteer, but not sure you're skilled enough to help?

All members’ contributions to the club are appreciated and we're more than happy to get you all the training you need to feel confident.

Training is offered on: the race hut, safety boat, security patrol, protest committee and event organising.

Training events are held throughout the year, with the majority in the winter off-season.

Don’t worry, we don't throw you straight into the deep end once you’ve been trained! You'll work as an assistant to a veteran volunteer until you're ready to go solo.

Volunteering Roles

Principal Race Officer
In overall charge of the racing during any given Race Session.
Race Assistant
Assist the Principal Race Officer
RIB Driver
Must have Power Boat 2 (PB2) certificate and preferably Safety Boat certificate. In charge of the RIB. One of the RIB drivers will be designated as Safety Lead for the event and will organise the organisation of safet
RIB Assistant
The second person in the RIB. May drive and operate the radio under the driver’s guidance. Encouraged to have, or progress towards, PB2 certificate
Night Watch

Two person night patrols keep a watch over the club for a few hours at a time during the quiet hours of darkness. Their role is to be a visible deterrent and report anything suspicious to the appropriate authorities.

Night launch patrols are organised in conjunction with other Poole Yacht Clubs and cover the whole harbour.

Volunteering Handbook

We produce handbooks for quick and easy references. Our volunteers use them to assist in their duties.

They can be found in the list below.