Founded in 1852, we are a Sailing Club with a rich history and strong racing tradition.
With superb access to the sheltered Poole Harbour, our members can be found out sailing at all states of the tide.

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Our members are a friendly and diverse community; Olympians and novices, long distance cruisers and day skippers, keen racers and recreational sailors.

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Our facilities have been called the finest for a private members’ club on the South coast. With a newly refurbished pontoon, lit walkways and electricity to each finger berth, the quality of our members' experience just keeps improving!

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Covid-19 Briefing Bulletin 5

4:00 PM
Tues 31 Mar

Dear Members

Since the last Bulleting (26th March 2020), we will all have been reading the reports of the continuing and advancing spread of the Coronavirus. This is clearly having a major impact on the way we run our lives and our day to day affairs.

As we are all aware, that this is the severest imposition of restrictions, during peace time, that is now upon us. The continuing advices from HM Government are absolutely clear and now enshrined in law. The advice remains Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

Against that background, the Covid-19 Management Group have been meeting (on-line) daily to consider, review and make decisions on how the Club should respond to this current situation.

To date, four Bulletins have been issued and these have, regretfully, detailed a ratcheting up of the restrictions needed to be imposed.

Based on the current HM Government written announcements, following the Covid-19 Management meeting early this morning, we are maintaining, at this time, the lockdown level as detailed in Bulletin 4.

At our General Committee last night, the Covid-19 Group reported on the actions taken to date. Members of General Committee endorsed these decisions and extended the current mandate of the Covid-19 group to continue its work during these critical times.

Thanks goes to the vast majority of members that have sent messages of support for the actions taken.

The Night and Day Watch team (drawn for members of General Committee) have been keeping a very intensive patrol cycle, night in, night out and during days. The security boom is in place across the Haven entrance to protect our boats. See picture below and the website under “weather.”

We are checking the boats day and night. If you think there is a critical issue with your boat please contact Mark or Lorna on genmgr@pooleyc.co.uk or 01202 672687.

We much regret, that the Club has to remain closed at this time.

The Covid-19 Management Group will continue to meet / review on a very regular basis and I anticipate a further Bulletin will be issued in the next 10 days or so, or sooner if required.

Stay Safe and well


John Yonwin


Please remember to use the Club Office as your point of contact for any queries and questions you may have; if Mark/Lorna cannot answer them, they will find someone who can. genmgr@pooleyc.co.uk 01202 672687

Commodore's and Sailing Secretary’s Newsletter

March 2020

Every month our Commodore John Yonwin writes a short newsletter about what's happening at the Club.

It's the perfect way to find out about the General Committee, progress being made on various issues, updates to the Club and the social and sailing calendar.

The Commodore’s newsletter is also printed, with copies available in the Clubhouse.

Our Sailing and Social Calendar

With a packed Sailing Programme throughout the season, and a busy social calendar throughout the year, there is always something happening at the Club.

See our upcominging events, from racing to cruising, Regatta's to quizezs, training opportunities to taster sessions.

There's plenty to see and do.

How to become a Member

Thinking about joining the Club?

Poole Yacht Club is a community brought together by their love of the sea.
Want to be involved in competive racing? Our packed Sailing Programme throughout the season provides local, national and international level sailing.

Looking to improve or never been sailing before? Our excellent RYA-Accredited training for adults and children at all levels will help your confidence and ability grow.

Trying to find a social group for relaxing cruising and day sailing? Our cruising section wants to help you plan the journey and share the story on your return.

Our superb facilities, Class and National Events and Strong Volunteer ethos make us the finest sailing Club on the South Coast.
We're the perfect way to get out on the waves.

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10 °C

Tides at Poole Harbour (m)

Neap Tide Time Height
High 01:30 1.72m
Low 04:50 1.54m
High 08:10 1.71m
Low 11:40 1.1m
High 14:20 1.51m
Low 15:30 1.5m
High 20:40 1.79m
Not for use in protection of life or property

Feeling Self Isolated?

While you are self isolating, why not join the Poole Yacht Club Social and Sailing FaceBook group.

During the last week, the number of members using the group has swelled to over 560!!

We have been using the group to set photography challenges and engineering challenges.

Once you have joined, you will be able to see and participate in these activities.

Last weekend, Matt Hitt set the group a challenge to make self propelled boats that will travel the length of a bathtub.
Many members participated, and the results are extremely entertaining to say the least!

Day Starts Time Classes Ends
Sun 1 Mar 10:30 A,2,3,R,4 5 Apr
Sun 4 Oct 10:30 A,B,3,R,4 13Dec
Mon 6 Apr 18:20 (7,G,D),8,T 31Aug
Mon 7 Sep 18:00 R,1,A,2,3,4 28Sep
Tue 31Mar 18:15 R,1,A,2,3,4 8 Sep
Tue 15Sep 18:00 R 29Sep
Weds 1 Apr 18:00 Training 16Sep
Thurs 2 Apr 18:15 R,7,G,D,O,8 3 Sep
Thurs 2 Apr 18:00 Youth Races 3 Sep
Fri 24Apr 18:25 3,D,R 31May
Fri 1 May 18:25 Friendly Fridays 11Sep
Sat 4 Apr 14:00 7,(G,D),8,T 19May
Sat 12Sep 14:00 (7,G,D),8,T 17Oct
Sat 2Nov 31Oct 7,(G,D,8),T 12Dec
Class 1 Cruiser
Class 1A Cruiser
Class 1B Cruiser
Class 2 Cruiser
Class 3 Cruiser
Spare Cruiser Class (defined on Notice Board)
All Cruisers inc. R19s
YW Dayboat
Laser/Aero Handicap
Fast Handicap Dinghies
Slow Handicap Dinghies & Hobie Cats
Medium Handicap Dinghies
Joint E, F & 9
Asymmetric and Foiling Handicap Dinghies


There are many areas of club life where volunteers are needed to ensure events run smoothly. These range from the regular Race Hut and RIB team volunteers for the Racing Series, Trophy and Open events to additional on-shore volunteers at big events like National Championships and the annual Club Regatta. Please submit a Volunteer Form to let organisers know for which events you are available.

Poole Yacht Club uses DutyMan to manage our volunteering schedule.

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