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Covid-19 Bulletin: 12

Fri 29 May
Poole Yacht Club Commodore John Yonwin

A message from John

Dear Members,

Our last bulletin was on Friday 15th May which announced our removal of the barrier and opening of the Haven for members to go sailing. I am so pleased that many of you have been able to do so and take advantage of this fantastic weather.

Thank you for acting so considerately to others while we continue to be under restrictions to try to control this virus. It is because of your care in protecting staff, each other and our community that we are confident that it will not be too long before being able to announce the next steps towards on the water organised activity.

The statement made by the Prime Minister yesterday does not give us, quite yet, the green light we need to confirm dates of relaxation of further lockdown restrictions here at the Club.

But here is a flavour of the work we have been undertaking.

Organised sporting events are still not allowed. However, we are working on our “Back to Sailing” plan. We confidently expect, with appropriate risk assessments and adherence to social distancing, that it will be possible in the next month, to restart some of our organised activities on the water.

We will proceed with caution and organized activity may include racing with no spinnakers, a conservative maximum windspeed (nominally 15 knots), careful management of the slipway/beach for launching and recovery, among other things such as strictly same-household teams in boats, RIBS and the Race Hut.

Organised Events and Racing

  1. Recreational Sailing

    This is well under way already with informal arrangements. This is great to see. (This is not Club organised activity.)

  2. Friendly Fridays

    Will resume as soon as we are allowed to run Club-organised sailing.

  3. Adult Training

    We are considering offering training with reduced numbers per instructor, as a first step when we are able.

  4. Club dinghy racing (and “Friendly Fridays”)

    We have a potential plan for a simplified Poole YC Covid Cup Series, catering for single handers and same house-hold double handers, when regulations allow. A simplified combined NOR and SI will be published in due course.

  5. Club Cruiser Racing

    There may not be many cruisers ready to race with a same-household team, even without spinnakers. But we know the R19s have a fleet so are aiming to offer a start as soon as possible. The R19s may also wish to hold their Friday single-handed series, which is self-run.

  6. Club Owned Dinghies

    We hope to be able to offer these to members soon. Work is underway to ensure that they can be hired without risk of transmission. Further announcements will be made.

  7. Youth Training and Activities

    Aaron Agnew, in the role of our RYA Principal, is working out how we could offer some Youth Training, when we have limited access to the changing rooms again, and plans to extend the training season potentially into the Autumn and Winter are being considered.

So you can see there is activity coming, but I must emphasise that we will ensure we have clearance from the relevant authorities before any of this happens. This will require us to demonstrate adequate mitigation of the Covid–related risks in any organised Club activity.

Yard & Haven

Now that we are well into restarting the cruiser haul-out and launch programme, the yard is starting to clear.

Thinking of our Club House

Whilst we are closed, we are working on the Lounge ceiling and attending to small jobs and “tidying up” that can be accommodated, together with some “re-modelling.” These will enhance the feel of the Club and our offering. We are looking at, and planning for, when we might be able to start opening the bar and catering side of our Club. This would depend on relaxation of rules that will allow the hospitality industry to begin to open. That will probably not be before July. We are looking at how we can start gently, with perhaps takeaway offerings including separated tables outside if for example beer gardens begin to be allowed to open earlier.

You may have seen the bright new paint job on the outside!

Guidance on coming to the Club

View the latest guideline for coming to the Club, and the up to date status of facilities.

Thank you from Poole Yacht Club

Thank you!

I would like to thank the group of members that have been liaising and meeting on line during recent weeks working on the above plans to help us all manage through this emergency. I have lost count of the number of volunteer hours that have been put in by so many of our colleagues, together with the fantastic support from Mark, Lorna and our staff.
Thank you everyone.

We will continue to communicate to you to provide detail when it is possible to take each step.

Please remember, we may be beyond the peak, but to manage the spread and possible resurgence of the virus, we must take each of these steps with care.

Happy to receive your comments and questions.

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John Yonwin

Please remember to use the Club Office as your point of contact for any queries and questions you may have; if Mark/Lorna cannot answer them, they will find someone who can. 01202 672687

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Tides at Poole Harbour (m)

Neap Tide Time Height
High 01:20 1.9m
Low 04:20 0.53m
High 09:40 2.2m
Low 12:20 1.63m
High 13:50 1.79m
Low 16:40 0.49m
High 22:00 2.34m
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Brownsea Island currently closed

Due to the current coronavirus crisis, Brownsea Island is currently closed to all visitors including those arriving by their own boat, kayak and paddle board. This is to protect island residents.

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e-Series Racing

Poole Yacht Club in collaboration with the RYA and Virtual Regatta Inshore Racing app are running a number of virtual ‘mini-series’ sailing races. These races can be played from the comfort (and safety) of your own home, on a mobile phone, tablet or computer (no technical expertise required).

Each mini-series normally consists of 20 competitors, 4 races with 1 discard run back-to-back over the course of a single evening. We have run a number of test races and so far the feedback has been very positive. All abilities are welcome, and in fact, new entrants will be given priority over previous competitors to give everyone a chance to have a go.

Feeling Self Isolated?

While you are self isolating, why not join the Poole Yacht Club Social and Sailing FaceBook group.

During the last week, the number of members using the group has swelled to over 560!!

We have been using the group to set photography challenges and engineering challenges.

Once you have joined, you will be able to see and participate in these activities.

Last weekend, Matt Hitt set the group a challenge to make self propelled boats that will travel the length of a bathtub.
Many members participated, and the results are extremely entertaining to say the least!

Day Starts Time Classes Ends
Sun 1 Mar 10:30 A,2,3,R,4 5 Apr
Sun 4 Oct 10:30 A,B,3,R,4 13Dec
Mon 6 Apr 18:20 (7,G,D),8,T 31Aug
Mon 7 Sep 18:00 R,1,A,2,3,4 28Sep
Tue 31Mar 18:15 R,1,A,2,3,4 8 Sep
Tue 15Sep 18:00 R 29Sep
Weds 1 Apr 18:00 Training 16Sep
Thurs 2 Apr 18:15 R,7,G,D,O,8 3 Sep
Thurs 2 Apr 18:00 Youth Races 3 Sep
Fri 24Apr 18:25 3,D,R 31May
Fri 1 May 18:25 Friendly Fridays 11Sep
Sat 4 Apr 14:00 7,(G,D),8,T 19May
Sat 12Sep 14:00 (7,G,D),8,T 17Oct
Sat 2Nov 31Oct 7,(G,D,8),T 12Dec
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Fast Handicap Dinghies
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Asymmetric and Foiling Handicap Dinghies


There are many areas of club life where volunteers are needed to ensure events run smoothly. These range from the regular Race Hut and RIB team volunteers for the Racing Series, Trophy and Open events to additional on-shore volunteers at big events like National Championships and the annual Club Regatta. Please submit a Volunteer Form to let organisers know for which events you are available.

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