Poole Yacht Club Cruising Section

Members of the Cruising Section like going places by boat. It can be a barbeque on the beach at Studland or wafting through the French canals to the Mediterranean. In the summer months we organise rallies to various destinations usually within reach on a single tide and we plan these with the tide in mind. For example drifting down channel to Weymouth or Portland on a morning ebb and returning on the following afternoon flood. These are also often timed around a bank holiday weekend when getting away and avoiding traffic jams seems a good idea. There are no timed starts or mad rushes to a finishing line. You just leave when you can and take as long as you want to get there.

We will book a number of berths at the destination and places for a meal out for those who want eat together.

There is an established tradition of a pontoon party before we head off for the meal. Just bring a bottle and nibbles and join in the jollity. Some of our trips are planned to coincide with other events at or near the venue. Like the Square Festival in Weymouth which has street stalls selling local or exotic foods and a variety of free, live music acts. Yarmouth is an excellent place to moor and watch the Round The Island Race as the fleet passes the Needles.

If you're new to making a passage in your own boat we are here to help you with planning or sailing in company just for reassurance.

At the end of sailing season we keep in touch through a laying up supper then country walks and evening talks through to the fitting out supper when the sailing begins again.

Class Contacts

Iain Dickie

Class Captain

Richard Kaye


Jan Taylor


Mike Jones


Julie Gribble


Channel Islands and France

Guernsey and islands governed by Guernsey inc Alderney are off limits. Visiting yachtsman are not allowed even to anchor to break a passage without going ashore

But Jersey is more relaxed and yachtsman can anchor on passage without going ashore providing you inform the coastguard

French ports are currently operating normally and there are no additional arrival formalities due to Covid. Sanitary blocks are mostly operating with some cubicles closed

A good supply of masks is essential as masks are obligatory in ALL indoor spaces. But mask removal in bars and restaurants is allowed once at table to allow eating and drinking

Most businesses are open as normal

Incidence of Covid in Brittany and Normandy is mostly very low

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