The General Committee

Poole Yacht Club Commodore Tracey Lee
Tracey Lee

Poole Yacht Club Vice Commodore Services Tim Edom
Tim Edom
Vice Commodore Services

Poole Yacht Club Rear Commodore Sailing Simon Robinson
Simon Robinson
Rear Commodore Sailing

Poole Yacht Club Rear Commodore Facilities Chris Playfair
Chris Playfair
Rear Commodore Facilities

Richard Cake
Hon Solicitor
Kate Mellor-Gibson
Hon Treasurer
Amanda Jones
Social Secretary
Richard McAvoy
Sailing Secretary
Rob Green
Assistant Sailing
Sarah Agnew
Youth training
Steve Thompson
General Committee
John Waters
General Committee
Sarah Burnett
General Committee

The General Committee

Once a month the steering committees of Poole Yacht Club meet to discuss the direction of the Club and create the various events and changes that makes the Club famous.

Committee Minutes

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