Covid-19 Bulletin: 29

Fri 15 Jan

Dear fellow members

Sombre times: To do our bit to beat the pandemic, we all:


A sobering thought from a friend of mine on the Isle of Wight: “….you only have to look at us on the Isle Wight; we were bathing in the luxury of Tier 1 before Christmas and we are now one of the worst locations in the country…Is Poole as precarious?”

Local infection rates are climbing as they have on the Isle of Wight. Therefore we have reluctantly decided to close the yard outside working hours. The yard will be accessible with an appointment only, during the hours of daylight. It will be closed and locked from 17:00 to 08:00. The beach gate will be padlocked. Night watch will continue.

“Stay At Home” As the virus rages in our local area we must emphasise the central message of “Stay At Home”. If you feel your must visit your boat for essential maintenance then you must call the office to seek permission.

  • Essential maintenance: is justified but is limited to preventing imminent rigging failure or water ingress that would otherwise cause more damage. Checking mooring warps and emptying dehumidifiers is not essential. Yard staff will do this for you if you call 01202 672687
  • Routine maintenance: You cannot work on your boat. Routine winter maintenance such as antifouling, changing anodes, will have to wait.
  • Contractors: in line with the law, businesses may continue to operate so you may engage an approved contractor to work on your boat even though you cannot be present. This needs to be approved by the office.

Still need to visit the Club?

Any members reported inside the yard without permission from the office will be asked to explain their actions to the Flag Officers. The Club has an obligation to comply with the law and protect members and staff. We cannot encourage unnecessary journeys, hence, the need for these changes.

It feels, as many of us are starting to receive our first vaccination, as if we may be close to turning the corner.

So please do your bit and try not to be a burden on the over-stretched NHS yourself, and don’t go out; that includes, with very much regret, not coming to the Club at this time.

Thank you….always happy to receive your feedback and comments. Contact details below

Please stay safe


Poole Yacht Club Commodore John