Covid-19 Bulletin: 21

Mon 2 Nov

Dear fellow members

The National Lockdown effective Thursday 5th November 2020

“Hang fire with the questions, please, for a day or two….”

Myself and my colleagues appreciate your writing to us over the weekend with your questions relating to the above and how it may affect your using the Clubs’ facilities and how we will operate.

We are doing our upmost to ensure that we can (and will) keep the Yard and Haven open.

The Club House will remain closed during the lockdown period, but will remain open and operational (in the present format) until the close of Wednesday of this week.

We will issue a full bulletin in the next day or so, when we have clarified instructions on the lockdown as it affects the Club.

My best wishes to you during these worrying and “topsy turvy” times.

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John