Covid-19 Bulletin: 22

Tue 3 Nov

Dear fellow members

National Lockdown


As I am sure we all recognise, the Government cannot be specific about what every business and club should do, so firstly I set out our overarching principles in the coming restrictions.

The Government may clarify or change its guidance in the coming days or weeks and we may have to change our own guidance in response to that.

Our Analysis

This lockdown is not identical to the previous one in March. First, we know much more about the virus and that the risk of transmission and infection in the open air is very low if simple precautions are taken. Indoors infection risk is much higher. Previously we were in a completely novel situation with the prospect of summer to look forward to; the situation as we enter the winter months is more concerning regarding mental well-being and health and the government is keen to allow people to indulge in safe recreational activities to help in this. Additionally, although we are asked to stay home except for essential travel, the government wants as much of the country to continue working as it can.

House Bar and Catering

House Bar and Catering will be closed from am Thursday 5th November until further notice. Apart from the changing room toilets, there will be no access to the clubhouse. The changing rooms will not be available; the toilets will be cleaned daily and members using them should self-clean the area they have used and sanitise as needed.

Yard and Haven

Yard and Haven will remain open. We wish to support our members in their ability to use their boats for recreational purposes. If people are able to cycle for recreation or go fishing we feel boating fits with this guidance. Therefore, the yard will remain open for members to access their boats for recreational purposes. This means the haul out programme will continue and our contractor community as well as members will be able to work on their boats in the yard and in their berths.


Sailing can take place recreationally. In line with lockdown rules, it can only be single-handed, same household or a maximum of 2 people from different households. Social distancing rules must be adhered to on land and on board. Running organised activities will not be allowed and so our racing programme has to be suspended immediately.

The above arrangements may change

Further detail will be added as we evaluate what is possible and safe. This of course could all change at very short notice if we receive instructions from higher authorities.

As always, we will keep all these decisions under review and respond to any clarification or new guidance from the Government.

Meanwhile I would like to remind you that if you are visiting the Club for any reason, you must follow the Club rules on social distancing and please remember to swipe your card at the entrance gate, even if the gate is open already open.

Further questions?

There is a Q and A section on the Club website which we will keep updated as and when necessary. Alternatively, Mark and Lorna are available to assist and my contact details are below.

With my very best wishes and warm regards

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John