Covid-19 Bulletin: 11

Fri 15 May
Poole Yacht Club Commodore John Yonwin

A message from John

Dear Members,

Thank you to members who have come to the Club during the past two days with the opening of the Yard and Haven and co-operated so well and operated within the guidelines.
I am pleased to report that all has gone to plan and following further consultations we can now go to the next steps on our journey of bringing our Club back to life.

We must always keep in mind the reality that the country is still in the grip of a coronavirus pandemic and we must always apply the rules of social distancing to protect ourselves and the wider community.

The Plan

The Plan

Previous Covid-19 Bulletins set out the sequence of steps we planned to take:

So Far

  1. Contractors work in yard
  2. Prepare to restart haul-out programme
  3. Yard Staff begin to launch/haul out boats that are ready
  4. Members visit their boats for essential maintenance checks

From Mon 18 May

  1. Dinghies to the Dinghy Park, including YW Dayboats and other boats trailered to the Haven from Monday 18th May

    Due to the need to stagger our restart including clearing the dinghy park and installing the YW Dayboat pontoons, trailered boats will be able to start coming to the Club from 9am Monday 18th May.

    Please do not bring your boat to the Club until you have received your dinghy park allocation in the post, shortly

  2. Remove the barrier protecting the Haven entrance.

    After consulting with relevant authorities we are very pleased to announce the removal of the security barrier. It will be removed later today, Friday 15th May, so boats may then depart and enter the Haven for recreational sailing. Always follow the rules on social distancing particularly only members from the same household (including children accompanied by adults) in the same boat.

  1. Launch Access to Swinging Moorings.

    Under social distancing measures extra precautions have to be taken when using the launch to get to boats on swinging moorings. These are to protect you and staff operating the launch:

    • If possible use your own tender to access your swinging mooring
    • Launch hours will be restricted initially and from Saturday 16th May are:
      Monday to Fridays09:00 – 16:00 (on the hour)
      Saturday and Sunday08:00 – 14:00
    • Maintain Social distancing at all times
    • Maximum 2 people and from same household plus driver in the launch at any time
    • Maximum luggage one small pack or bag – plan your trip to bring the boat in to the waiting pontoon to load and unload provisions, people and equipment
    • Follow the launch driver’s instructions
    • Board the launch before the driver, sit as far aft as possible
    • Climb aboard your boat from the aft step in the launch to maintain social distance from the driver.

Can I go sailing?

From Tomorrow, Sat 16 May, members may sail while following the rules on social distancing. Only members from the same household may be in the same boat.

Guidelines for returning to the Club

  • If you are feeling at all unwell, or have a fever or cough, please do not come to the Club.
  • If you are in one of the vulnerable categories then please think very carefully about whether you should be leaving home and visiting the Club at all.
  • Limit of family members from the same household in one car until further notice; this may include children but not in the yard except to access your boat on its berth.
  • Members to keep minimum 2m separation from all other members, staff and other persons on site.
  • STAY ALERT: Please enter the club with caution and if you feel it is getting overcrowded then please leave. We will be prepared to control numbers coming through the gate if need be.
  • Only members from the same household to work on or board a boat at a time.
  • All buildings, including the changing rooms, are closed. The only toilet may be at the north end of the maintenance shed. Please clean all surfaces you have touched after use. We will be providing a limited number of portaloos.
  • Do not socialise with other members working or sitting on their boats.
  • General Committee or General Manager or other members of staff may suspend access during very busy periods (i.e. lock the IN gate)
  • People walking OFF the pontoons have right of way, members walking ONTO pontoons should step aside down the nearest finger to let them pass.
  • No over-night staying on boats.
  • If contact with the Office is required, please use the telephone: 01202 672687
  • No members on site during the hours of darkness, other than those performing NIGHT WATCH duties. NIGHT WATCH shall be returned to normal operation from Sunday 17th May.
  • For your own safety and that of others, if you are not complying with the above, you may be requested to leave the premises.

The Future

The Future

We continue to refine plans for the staged restarting of organised activities on the water (e.g. training and racing) as well as re-opening the Clubhouse and catering side of life at the Club when the time is right.

Thank you from Poole Yacht Club

Thank you!

We will continue to communicate to you to provide detail when it is possible to take each step.

Thank you for your patience – it is due to your responsible behaviour throughout that we have been able to develop trust with the authorities to be able to take these tentative steps to get back to our Club.

But please remember, we may be beyond the peak, but to manage the spread and possible resurgence of the virus, we must take each of these steps with care.

I again ask for your continuing understanding and patience as we start to open up parts of the Club.

On a Lighter Note

Soundings online

Soundings Online

This year's Soundings magazine is now available on our website.
Soundings is the Club's annual magazine detailing events that happened at the Club, and the experiences of it's members.


e-Series Racing

Poole Yacht Club in collaboration with the RYA and Virtual Regatta Inshore Racing app are running a number of virtual ‘mini-series’ sailing races. These races can be played from the comfort (and safety) of your own home, on a mobile phone, tablet or computer (no technical expertise required).

Each mini-series normally consists of 20 competitors, 4 races with 1 discard run back-to-back over the course of a single evening. We have run a number of test races and so far the feedback has been very positive. All abilities are welcome, and in fact, new entrants will be given priority over previous competitors to give everyone a chance to have a go.

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John