Covid 19 Bulletin: 13

Fri 12 Jun

Dear Members,

As the very credible Chris Witty (Chief Medical Officer) said at Wednesday’s Government briefing: “…. we are not at the end of this pandemic yet, we are right in the middle of it….”

With that in mind, your representatives on the Covid-19 Group continue to support a “considerate and conservative approach” as we implement steps to return to normal Club operating.

This may not feel fast enough for some, but it equally feels uncomfortable for others. The southwest region has had little exposure to the virus and our club membership has many who are in the more vulnerable demographic.

We continue to make steady and measured progress and will continue to operate well within the rules and guidelines. Regretfully, this means that there will be no organised events (racing or training) until guidance around larger gatherings changes.

We have the following updates for you:

Yard & Haven

The excellent work of our staff and members has meant the Yard and Haven are effectively operating normally with the Yard now pretty clear of boats which have returned to their berths and moorings. We are pleased to announce that the launch service is now available until 19:00 at weekends (last Service at 18.30). After Michael finishes his shift at 13:00 it will be covered by volunteers. Weekdays it continues to operate from 09:00 to 16:00.


We closely monitor both the government guidance on relaxation and the RYA advices. Whilst our plans for a return to sailing and racing are well advanced, for now, we are not permitted to proceed with any club-organised events. We will advise on this, as soon as further announcements are made by HM Government. It is a delight that we are able to access our boats now!

The club singlehanded dinghies (lasers and fusions) are now available for hire as are two of our Rigiflex boats. Please go on-line via the website to book and follow the guidance on social distancing and cleaning.

Some members are getting in contact with each other to arrange to rendezvous on the water. If you do this, please respect social distancing guidelines and ensure you do nothing to draw unwanted attention to our Club.
We also remind you that staying overnight on your boat is still not permitted.

House, Bar and Catering

We are now looking at when we might be able to start opening the bar and catering side of our Club. Due to the current constraints, starting up elements of HBC will not be profitable. However, your General Committee agrees that to begin to re-establish suppliers and staff and to learn how to operate in the changed environment is an investment by all of us in the future of the Club.

Re-starting a form of catering means the club can provide some of the social opportunity that so many of us joined for, and enjoy, as part of our total experience of boating.

This will depend on relaxation of rules that will allow the hospitality industry to begin to open; that will probably not be before July.

However, we will be starting gently with perhaps takeaway offerings including separated tables outside if for example beer gardens begin to be allowed to open earlier. A fuller announcement from the House, Bar and Catering Team will be made this coming week, giving the details.

Thank you!

We will continue to communicate to you to provide detail when it is possible to take each step.
We will let you know as soon as we are ready to “push the button” on the first steps of providing the Catering Service and all the other aspects of Club activity that we are working on.

Your comments are always welcome