Covid Bulletin: 33

Fri 16 Jul

Covid-19 Bulletin: 33

Dear Members,

Moving forward, with caution, from Monday 19th July 2021 (living with Covid)

With the Government this week confirming its decision to move to Step 4 of the release from lockdown, we are pleased to be able to move a bit closer to normality.

You may perceive some differences between what you feel the government has advised and what we, as a club, are choosing to do – this is because the onus is on us to ensure we make the best endeavours in our particular circumstances to protect our staff and our membership.

The implications of having an outbreak could be quite serious for people getting ill which could result in us having to close the club.

So let us proceed with caution; for which we will need your understanding and help.

Main changes for us

Food and drink can once again be ordered from the bar and we can move around inside the lounge to chat with familiar faces.

However, our staff are particularly vulnerable, so we ask you to please wear a mask when ordering at the bar; the food ordering queue will be at the restaurant end of the bar. The Lounge and Sky Light seating and table configuration will continue to be arranged, as now, to give as much space as possible.

Staff serving at tables will be wearing facemasks to protect you and themselves.

“Consideration of others” are the watchwords

Do please take heed of the warnings that the number of cases is increasing which will mean more deaths and hospitalisations due to Covid – this next phase is about learning to live with Covid. Therefore we urge you to stay cautious and although we won’t be enforcing it, we encourage you to wear facemasks indoors especially when it is crowded. Please do not create a crush at the bar, but wait till there is space before going to the bar for drinks. The main pinch points are clearly Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday lunchtimes, so if you are nervous then these might be times to avoid.

Control measures

In line with government announcements there are no longer any restrictions on numbers indoors or outdoors but we must protect those who are vulnerable or have not yet been fully vaccinated.
To assist with national control measures we do ask you to continue registering when you come to the club, either by scanning a QR code, or filling in the track and trace sheet, or by swiping your card at the gate.
If you are feeling unwell do not come to the club and we suggest you take a lateral flow test especially if you may be planning to attend a function or party at the club that day.

To further mitigate risk of transmission, we will be keeping doors and windows open to increase ventilation. This will mean keeping the air conditioning and heating off whenever possible. You may want to factor this into the way you dress as it could be cooler/warmer than normal depending on the weather.

Finally if you are planning a larger gathering or function, then please contact the office for guidance on what will be expected of you and your guests.

By continuing to be vigilant and thinking of others we can continue to do our bit to help bring this pandemic under control.

Thank you for your continuing support and understanding

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, or any other members of General Committee.

The lockdown restrictions have become part of our lives now, and it is appreciated that the proposed releasing on Monday will not be easy for everyone and will take time to adjust.

Steady as she goes.

With very best regards

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John Yonwin
John Yonwin