Covid-19 Bulletin: 6

Fri 17 Apr

Dear Members

The Covid-19 Management Group has been reviewing the decisions taken during this emerging national situation. The continuing advices from HM Government remain absolutely clear, and now enshrined in law, and continue to be: Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

We are required to maintain, at this time, the continuing lockdown level as detailed in Bulletins 4 and 5. With very much regret, your Club will have to remain closed, at this time. We have received many messages of support for the decisions taken to date and these are appreciated. Thank you. Your feedback is most welcome.

Police patrols are entering our premises from time to time and The Night and Day Watch Team (currently drawn from members of staff and General Committee) continue to keep a very intensive patrol cycle. We have now upgraded the security camera monitoring system, considering the current emergency, and this is proving a great asset. We remain checking the boats day and night. This whole exercise has been a real team effort. “Thank You” to everyone involved.

If you think there is a critical issue with your boat please contact Mark or Lorna on or 01202 672687. If it cannot be easily sorted, you will be contacted as a matter of urgency and we will consider, with you, the best course of action. (Of the 13 requests we have received, 11 have been handled easily. Of the remaining two, both needed referrals, but solutions were found.)

Now for more positive thoughts: Tracey Lee and a small team are beginning to think about all the tasks and process that will be needed, as and when we open up (even though that may be on a gradual, step by step approach, when the time arrives….)

Many of us are now using the “Poole Yacht Club Social and Sailing” Facebook group as a way of keeping in touch. We have been using the group to share photos, do quizzes and take part in challenges like building model boats, and making Easter themed decorations. If you have not discovered this group yet, now is the perfect time to join and get involved with the camaraderie and feel part of our Club community of friends. You can find the Facebook group here…

The Covid-19 Management Group will continue to meet and review on a very regular basis and report to General Committee. In light of the Government's extension of the lockdown for the next 3 weeks announced yesterday (16/4/2020), we will aim to update you as soon as there is something new to share with you.

Finally, thank you for all your patience and good wishes….please stay safe and well. Always happy to hear from you and receive your comments and suggestions.


John Yonwin ~ Commodore