Covid-19 Bulletin: 7

Tue 28 Apr

Dear Members

First and foremost, many thanks to everyone for the way you have all “got behind” these severe restrictions introduced last month here at the Club.

It has been (and is still) no joy to the members of the Covid-19 Management Group, nor to the members of General Committee to have to repeat, bulletin after bulletin, essentially the same message: “sorry, but no….”

We will need to see clear guidance on easing of the lockdown before we can think about moving towards the first steps of reopening the Club. The review by Government on Thursday 7th May 2020 may have something to say on this. We will, of course without delay, assess the implications for the Club and what may be possible in the amending of the current restrictions.

We are well into considering possible scenarios, so that as soon as we are able, we can react to any changes in the lockdown restrictions.

Our Night (and Day) Watch Volunteers (drawn for your General Committee), are owed a BIG VOTE OF THANKS from us, the berth holders. They continue to attend to a small number of routine tasks on boats in the Haven. Likewise, our team of staff members have been “as brilliant” in the handling of questions and getting about their day to day jobs. Thank you everyone.

The Terms of Reference allowing Contractors to work on boats has been well received by members. With some work being done by contractors to complete members haul out tasks some boats may be ready for re-launch. Lorna will be calling owners to find out if their boat is ready for re-launch and then we can begin gently and within the rules, to start to get boats in their right places.

The next bulletin, I know will be eagerly awaited! Can I mention again, if any member has concerns about fees, subscription and charges due, please let us know. We very much appreciate that these are challenging times for many of us and no end date is yet known. Any, and all such enquiries, will be handled confidentially and sympathetically.

Finally, thank you for all your patience and good wishes…..please stay safe and well.

Always happy to hear from you and receive your comments and suggestions.