Covid -19 Bulletin:28 – Haul Out Update

Thu 7 Jan

Several members have queried why haul outs / re-launches are continuing when all, but essential maintenance is halted.

Simply put, this is to provide members with the opportunity to have their boats re-located, if so desired.

This might be, for example, to have a boat removed from the water to aid drying out, or, to have a boat returned to the water to prevent it being cradled for an excessively long period of time.

Both these scenarios arose during the first lockdown and your Covid-19 Management Team thought it important to keep this option open to members.

Please remember that the government guidance is that you are to stay at home; the yard staff will gladly help out with any safety checks of your boats or you are more than welcome to have a contractor undertake any maintenance work, by appointment.

Please direct any queries to the General Manager or call the Office.

Your understanding is appreciated, keep well and keep safe

Adam Deary

Vice Commodore