Covid-19 Bulletin: 34

Tue 30 Nov

Covid-19 Bulletin: 34

The need for continuing caution as we live with the ever-present covid pandemic


The Clubs’ Covid Group has been assessing the impact on the Club of the announcements made by The Government in the last 24 hours. Covid-19 virus has evolved to give us the Omicron variant. No one knows how serious this will be, but it is incumbent upon us all to be ever cautious to minimise the risks of serious harm to our members, staff and visitors.

Not everyone has been fully vaccinated, and a 95% effectiveness of a vaccine means that 1 in 20 of us are still at risk. If 100 people are in the lounge that means that 5 are not immune and you could be one of them. With the current rates and the number of asymptomatic cases, it is likely that there will be people with the virus at any large event.

Hence, the request to be kind and considerate to others.


These have changed and now a runny nose, headache, sneezing and sore throat are also indications that you might have Covid-19

Rules for members with immediate effect:

  • You are required to wear a mask when not seated (and preferably when not eating)
  • Use the hand sanitizers
  • NB: Do your own lateral flow test before coming to the Club, especially functions
  • Do not come if you are unwell in any way, even if it is “just a cold” or sore throat
  • Follow Government advice and isolate if you are in contact with a sufferer
  • Avoid crowded queues at the bar
  • Avoid close contact with staff
  • Accept that the doors and windows may need to be open for ventilation
  • Be patient as service may be slower than usual
  • Continue to register your attendance using swipe card, QR code and sign in register

Our Dinner Dance:

The Dinner Dance will go ahead this Saturday. Due to the current heightened covid alert, if you have tickets, but now wish to return these, they will be offered to members on the waiting list, and we will offer a full refund of the monies paid. To plan and cater for this event, this offer of a refund will expire at 17:00 on Thursday 2nd December 2021. Please email the Office with your name and bank details and a refund will be arranged as soon as possible (

Dancing: The Covid Group considered the range of options that is open to us with regard to the dancing and the wearing of masks. If you abide by the rules detailed above and give space to others, I am sure good common sense will prevail.

Thank you for your support and understanding:

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me, or any other member of the General Committee.

With very best regards

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John Yonwin
John Yonwin