Covid-19 Bulletin: 25

Mon 30 Nov

Life at Poole Yacht Club in Tier 2

Dear fellow members

The current lockdown comes to an end shortly and having considered the proposed restrictions to be placed upon us, we are pleased to advise what we “will be permitted” to do at the Club and also, regretfully, what “will not be permitted.”

From Thursday 3rd December we will be operating the Club in line with central government guidance and laws that will apply in our area under Tier 2 restrictions – “High” alert level.

Essentially the Club will be returning to the permissions that were in place immediately before the recent lockdown in November, with one main exception: Tier 2 does not allow you to meet indoors with anyone who is not from the same household or support bubble.

The rules from Thursday 3rd December can be found on the Club website where they are regularly updated for your reference:

You can

  • Meet with up to 6 people outdoors, observing social distancing
  • Include visitors and non-members in the 6 (registered in advance by email to
  • Perform maintenance on your boat
  • Engage a contractor to work on your boat
  • Launch and sail your boat, windsurfer, paddleboard or kayak
  • Exercise at the Club
  • Resume the race series from 5th December
  • Stay overnight on your boat
  • Use the Club toilets and clean them after use

You cannot

  • Socialise with anyone indoors who you do not live with
  • Break the social distancing rules
  • Meet with more than 6 people outdoors (max. 6 people on the slipway)

If you have to interact with the Club staff, please wear a mask and keep your distance indoors or outdoors.

Facilities Available


Clubhouse is open to members and guests (but only if living in the same household) – wear a face covering at all times and your observing social distancing rules is a must.


Table service only. If dining, we strongly advise you to book a restaurant table to avoid disappointment and to assist our Jack and Tom with stock ordering.


Table service only for non-alcoholic drinks.


Available on request.

Alcohol Service

Only with substantial meals: “Pubs and bars must close”.


Open as usual.
Please wear a mask, wash your hands and observe social distancing. The toilets are cleaned once a day. Please sanitise all surfaces after use.

Opening Hours


Mon - Tues 10:00 – 16:00
Wed - Fri 10:00 – 22:00
Sat 10:00 – 16:00
Sun 9:00 – 16:00


Sun 9:00 - 10:00


Mon - Sun* 12:00 - 14:30
* Sunday Roast is also on the menu


Wed - Fri 18:00 - 21:00

Facilities Not Available

  • Service at the bar is not allowed
  • Alcohol cannot be served except as part of a substantial meal
  • Showers are unavailable (continues to be under review)

Dinghies in the Yard

Additionally for those dinghy sailors not racing in the remaining winter series and not paying for winter storage, you must remove your dinghy from the yard by Sunday 6th December (1 week extension recognising the difficulty of completing removal before the end of the current lockdown).

Training Groups

We have been approached by the RYA and other training groups and we are comfortable with small training groups at our Club, conditional on prior planning and consultation, and that they commit to follow our rules. This includes no visitors in the clubhouse and no use of the showers.

Further updates

As always, we will keep all these decisions under review and continue to respond to any clarifications or new guidance from the government.

The current tiers will be reviewed by government on 16th December 2020, so rules may change then as a consequence.

Social distancing

Please act cautiously and responsibly to avoid putting anyone, or our reputation, at unnecessary risk and one more reminder that if you are visiting the club for any reason you must follow the Club rules on social distancing. Thank you.

Your comments

Please keep these coming in.
We, in turn, will be issuing newsletters and briefings to keep us all in the picture, as often as we need.

Now let’s look on the bright side

We are “beavering away” on drafting our 2021 Sailing Programme, in the hope and belief that as soon as we see some return to a “new normal”, we shall be well prepared….

More updates in the Commodore’s Newsletter coming out in December.

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John