Covid-19 Bulletin: 9

Fri 8 May

Dear Member

Today will not be the way we had all envisaged celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Social distancing will dictate more subdued celebrations for us all, but I send our grateful thanks and best wishes to those members, present and who have since passed, who fought for our freedom!

The Covid-19 Management Group met, on-line, yesterday evening and we fully reviewed and discussed the recent pronouncements issued by HM Government.

As we all know, the Prime Minister will be making a televised announcement this Sunday evening and the Covid -19 Group will meet again that evening to assess what has been announced.

We are led to believe that there may be (?) some relaxations in the strict lockdown laws, but we have no detail as yet. The Covid – 19 Group has been working on possible contingency plans, in anticipation, and as soon as we know any details from HM Government, we will, with your General Committee members, be finalising any plans that may be possible on the road to our getting back to normal.

Until we advise of arrangements for a return to the Club, you are asked to stay away. This will make the return process safer and fairer on everyone and, with careful planning and the continuing co-operation from you all, we will achieve the best possible outcome in the circumstances.

Thank you to all for the many members that have written in or phoned and confirmed their support for the decisions taken. I do thank our staff members and General Committee members that have put in so many hours on Club business, on our behalves, during this lockdown period.

I will keep us all updated as next week unfolds. Thank you for your continuing support

My best wishes