Covid-19 Bulletin: 16

Wed 19 Aug

Dear fellow members

Thank you for the responsible way that the vast majority of us have been observing the Covid-19 Rules at the Club.

It is really appreciated when we gently remind each other around the Club, if / when we see something that needs correction or attention. On Saturday, I was reminded to put my face mask on when entering the Gents’ Toilets. If we all do that for, and with each other, that would be appreciated.

Changing Rooms

Using the Changing Rooms

We are very pleased to be able to advise members that the Clubs’ Changing Rooms will be available with immediate effect, with the following conditions:

1 We allow use of the changing rooms for modesty only i.e. no inadertent flashing in the car park
2 Only three people at a time, wearing masks
3 Nominal 5 minute time limit just for you to change underwear and wetsuits
4 No kit to be left before, during or after sailing. Any kit left will be disposed off.
5 Cleaning spray and wipes to be available and used
6 Buoyancy aids, gloves, spray tops, harnesses, watches, etc to be donned outside
7 No showers available

Track and Trace

Track and Trace

As an extra layer of protection, we have set up a local “track and trace” system, to compliment and work ahead of the national system. We have done this to try and get around the inevitable delay in the national system.

If, within 3 days of being at the club, you develop:

•  Temperature over 37.8°C
•  Persistent cough
•  Loss of taste and smell

Please call the office on 01202 672687 or if it is closed, the bar on 01202 674706
You will be asked when you were at the Club, where you went and who you met. With your permission, we will call any contacts you made and ask them to isolate, pending tests from official sources and we will thoroughly clean any areas you have touched.
We will, of course, suggest you call 111 for medical advice and ask you and your household to stay at home.

For both track and trace systems to be effective, we still need everyone to register their entry to the premises with your Club card or by emailing This is also why leaving your contact details is a precondition of being able to eat at the Club.

You will be aware of how fast outbreaks can spread. We hope that if we find ourselves in this unfortunate position, the Club has a system to limit the number of people affected. Sadly, establishments in our area have suffered such outbreaks.

Thank you, again, for your support.

Your advices and comments are always most welcome; please keep them coming.

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John