The Commodore's Newsletter May 2017

Commodores Newsletter May 2017

At the last AGM I stated a wish to improve communications throughout our Club. As such I will be producing a regular newsletter hopefully to aid information sharing. My newsletter will be published on our website and printed copy put up in the Clubhouse. I hope you will find this useful.

General Committee

Current main topics under discussion are the issues around senior membership benefits and “berth blocking” i.e. the boats that do not leave their haven berth. Myself, the Flag Officers and any General Committee member are happy to discuss the matters above, please approach any General Committee member if you have any input that you would like to make.

What’s happening?


Masses going on and the Sailing Committee and all those involved have a host of activities that we would love you to support.

Tonight 19/5/17 (if this letter gets to you in time) Meet the Fleets, 19.30 in the Skylight lounge. Class Captains encourage participation in their fleets.

Poole Boat Show this weekend 20-21/5/17. Come down to Poole Quay, bring your friends and prospective members, our volunteers both on and off the water will be working hard on our behalf.

A very warm welcome to our new fleet of dinghies, the Hobbie Cats; we look forward to you enjoying your racing and building your class.

The Membership Sub-Committee continues to work hard to help ensure that our Club can attract new members keen to sail and join in our Club activities.
Coming up and a must for your diary is our Club Regatta July 8th and 9th; Andrew Tate is our lead organiser. Let’s support and enjoy this great weekend.

Yard and Haven

As you will have seen the lines in the car part have been repainted. All the areas defined in YELLOW markings are no parking areas. This is a change from previously where we had some red zones and some yellow zones. Please do not park in the yellow zones as all members know it seriously affects the workings of the boat hoist and the efficiency with which we can move members boats. In addition the route through from the main gate to the dinghy park is a designated harbour emergency vehicle path and must at all times be kept wide enough for the passage of emergency vehicles.
Yard and Haven continue to monitor those boats that are not used in our Haven and will take appropriate action after their investigations and communications with those members.

House, Bar and Catering

You will have seen the new air-conditioning units being fitted along with the replacement and refurbishment of the ceilings. The new air-conditioning systems are very cost effective and hopefully we will now enjoy comfortable temperatures rather that than the wild swings from cold to too hot!


Coming up.............. Comedy Night 20/5/17, 19.00. Buy your tickets on line from our web site.

Commodores Charity

As I announced at the AGM my chosen charity is Julia’s House. I had the humbling privilege to be taken around the hospice at their recent open day. I know that any money that we can raise will directly benefit those families who need support at such a challenging time. I have met with their fund raising committee and we can target with them where any monies raised can be spent.

My immediate thought is in helping to provide respite costs for children and their parents when it is most needed. My hope is that we can make a real difference to the quality of the lives of the children and their parents accepted into the care of the staff of Julia’s House. I am currently looking at Club events which can help us as members support their work. More details very soon.

Nye Davies



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