The Commodore's Newsletter December 2021

For those new to us…

This in an opportunity for you to put questions to The Flag Officers and Officers on Club affairs. There is the facility of either putting questions in ahead of the Forum, in writing (this is useful if research is needed before delivering a response), or / and putting questions on the night.

In March, the Club holds its Annual General Meeting. This is the more formal meeting with the accounts, elections and debating and voting on any propositions you, the members, put forward. The Club Forum acts as something of a “informal fore-runner” to the AGM.

We would all wish for the Club Forum to be held at the Club, which is our tradition. However, due to the current covid pandemic, we have decided we must hold the Club Forum on ZOOM again this year. Details of the arrangements and ZOOM link will be emailed out to us all well before the Forum.

Changes to Flag Officer roles

Your General Committee has debated and agreed that we shall be redefining the duties of our Flag Officers. The changes are set out below:

New Committee Structure

What are we trying to achieve?

Clearer definitions of Flags and General Manager roles with emphasis on our delivering the best possible service and support to our members and the care of our buildings and property.

In essence, the Flag Officers hold the tiller and give policy direction and General Committee members are the scrutineers and ensure policies and decisions taken by Flag Officers and General Committee are in the best interests of the Club for today and tomorrow.

Sailing: To be known as: Rear Commodore Sailing & on the Water Activities (includes: racing, events, training, ribs and on the water safety, RYA)

House, Bar and Catering: to become more services focused and loses the Club house building structure / repairs aspect. Changes to: Rear Commodore Services (includes: bar and catering services, membership support & recruitment, I.T., P.R. & social media, Club & staff policies, and social activities)

Yard and Haven, as now with the addition of the Club house building structure / repairs aspect. Changes to: Rear Commodore Facilities (includes club house, haven, yard and boat shed)

Any of the three Flag Officers can be the Vice Commodore.

Commodore: Chairs General Committee and General Meetings and could include such as: our carbon footprint, broader health and safety policy, Rules and Bye-laws revisions, liaison with RYA, PYA, PHC Poole Harbour Watch and other statutory bodies, representing the Club and members as required.

Honorary Solicitor: Clarification of the Club Rules and Byelaws, general legal guidance in Club affairs, as may be required by the General Committee.

Honorary Treasurer: Supervision of the keeping of all the books of account of the Club and advice on financial matters including preparing and reporting on the Club’s budget and finances, as may be required by the General Committee.

General Manager: Day to day management of the Club, implementing General Committee decisions / strategy, administration, bar & catering, and staff

The Vacant Flag Role

It is within the remit of the Flag Officers to put to General Committee a name of an eligible member that could be co-opted in the New Year into the vacant Flag Officer position (with General Committee’s approval). General Committee next meets on Monday 24th January 2022

March 2022 AGM: new Flag Officer titles will be used. All Flag Officer positions are up for election in the normal way.

Naturally, I would be pleased to receive any questions now or at our Club Forum.



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