The Commodore's Newsletter October 2018

Dear Member

I had thought the summer had gone, but the weather this week has been nice and hot again! I do hope that everyone has had a wonderful summer and been able to enjoy their boating at home or abroad.

Of course, much has happened since my last newsletter. We have National and World Champions in the Club along with notable successes throughout our age groups.

  • Lucy Macgregor retained her World Champion Ladies Match Racing Title in Russia this summer along with crew mates and sisters Kate and Nicky. They won all their matches!
  • Matt Burge won the World Fireball Championships held in Carnac this summer beating off a strong fleet of 80 boats
  • Joe Cross won the Sonata Nationals this summer.

Huge congratulations from us all.

Please see Tracey’s Sailing Secretary report for all the detail of our successes and sailing activities over the summer. I was privileged to welcome and award the prizes for the Day Boat Nationals, what a lovely week and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you, John and Phil, for your hard work and hospitality.

The work of your General Committee continues with discussions over setting fees for the coming year. I would like to thank our Hon Treasurer, Alyn, for all the information and analysis he has provided the General Committee to help make informative decisions. As always in my newsletter I wish to highlight areas of our working together to ensure that our Club continues to provide our members with a warm, welcoming and secure environment within which we can enjoy our sport, pastimes and our friendships.

Volunteering is probably the most important contribution a member can make to our Club. I was sorry to miss the recent Volunteers thank you evening (I was suffering with the equivalent of Croatia’s Delhi Belly…way too much information I’m sure). Volunteering does not have to be related to on the water activities, for many years volunteers have helped keep our Club and boats secure at night time. Keith Askew does a sterling job in organising these rotas but the number of members willing to volunteer is shrinking and as such the amount of night time cover is much less than we would wish it to be. Please if you can spare some time volunteer to help, you will enjoy it, make new friends and have a sense of satisfaction that you are contributing to our wonderful Club. So, get involved!!!!

My Commodores cocktail party was held a few weeks ago and was very well attended with the Mayor, Sheriff and many esteemed guests. They were most complimentary about the evening and what an amazing Club we have. Saul and his team were outstanding in their preparation and service and our new Chef Tom excelled and hand prepared all the food for our guests. Our youth volunteers did an amazing job in ensuring all our guests were topped up and well fed. Thank you all for such a professional effort.

Quiz night has new been running for three weeks and I think my team Densa are getting Densa especially since I have re-joined them this week. Thank you, Margret and Ray, for running such a successful competition.

Remember the Commodore’s Pursuit race on Sunday 11th November. I have received the challenge from Parkstone Yacht Club for this year’s Commodores Challenge. It is Parkstones turn to host the event and their Commodore has invited our members who wish to go on the water to watch, to be taken afloat by Parkstone boats and enjoy the presentations afterwards.

I will have news next time as to how our charity monies raised for Julia’s House will be spent and the impact on the lives of the children. It is not possible to name and thank everyone whom is getting on with helping our Club be the great place it is, my apologies otherwise this newsletter would turn into a book. But thank you all, remember volunteer and get involved.

Best Regards

Nye Davies




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