The Commodore's Newsletter January 2019

What a glorious summer we experienced this year, I hope all our members were able to enjoy their boating to the full, with our facilities and staff supporting all that you need. I have mentioned in previous newsletters my new venture in a J24, what a great year, we experienced some “champagne” racing with good winds and warm weather and some notable successes.

For all of us to continue to enjoy our boating our Club must continue to ensure that our service to members is as efficient and seamless as possible. To this end this year has seen very significant changes in the way we provide information to members and behind the scenes operations within the Office. Our web site is now providing up-to-date information on what is going, the site is continuing to develop, and members should be using it as the first point of call for information. The racing section for example even provides short videos of our racing sequences from the race hut!

From next year members will increasingly be able to complete the various forms we use on line and submit them electronically. Tickets for social events and entries for sailing events can be completed on line. Volunteers will be encouraged to complete the volunteering forms on line which will greatly help those who coordinate the volunteering activities.

Many members have had ideas and there are several diverse needs for our website. Coordinating and rationalising the requirements of members is a complex task requiring patience and diplomacy, we have been fortunate to have Chris Playfair step into this role. I must say that Chris has brought rationale and systems to help us prioritise what needs to be developed, how and when. Thank you, Chris, what you do is largely “below the radar” but absolutely essential and has also saved my sanity!

Our new information management system is changing the way we operate within the Office and you will have seen the new style invoices sent electronically rather than the manual mail system it is replacing. These systems will make life easier for our members and bring them time saving benefits.

Developing and implementing these systems is not a straight forward process. The Office has worked very hard to introduce these many changes while still functioning efficiently with all they must do. I must thank Lorna who has borne the brunt of the implementation and Mark for their perseverance and patience in the introduction of these systems.

The work of the General Committee, working on your behalf, has been wrestling with the annual consideration of membership, Sailing and Yard and Haven fees. We of course look in detail at how our expenditure changes year on year and we are always looking to ensure that we as a Club deliver great value for our members. It is absolutely clear that the government published figures on inflation bear little relationship to the goods and services that we need to purchase. Our Hon Treasurer provides us with comparative figures and looks at the development needs of the Club for the following years. Our annual fee rises are set to meet the future needs of the Club as well as providing a reserve fund for the unexpected.

We have enjoyed some very notable successes in our racing with new world and national champions and some very notable successes at youth level. Congratulations for all these fantastic achievements which I have highlighted in my regular newsletters. The role of Katie our Sailing pro is coming along very well. Katie is bringing a real professionalism to her role as our Training School Principal and ensuring that all our activities are undertaken safely with well qualified instructors. Sarah has taken over as Youth Coordinator and is working closely with Katie to ensure that our youth section goes from strength to strength.

During the Summer Sue Thornton-Grimes tracked town a silver salver awarded as one of our Clubs first regatta prizes. We have acquired the trophy and will be awarding the salver at the 2019 AGM. Look out for my email explaining the award and how to nominate a member.

The generosity of our members has been amazing in raising funds for the Commodore’s Charity, Julia’s House. As Soundings goes to print we will be sending them a cheque for £6,000. Thank you all so much for your donations and for all those who helped me with this fund raising.

Our social events are so good now that they are getting fully booked within a few days. The annual Dinner and Dance was a triumph with exceptional food. The New Year’s Eve bash was equally successful. Huge thanks to Kate Mabbort and her team. BOOK early to avoid disappointment!

The Commodore’s Challenge was a fantastic highlight to end the year on. Our Youth Team won the Challenge having lost the first race but then winning the next three, one by the closest of margins! The resilience shown during the racing, even when training the Parkstone boat, reflects the team spirit shown by our younger members and their never give up approach. Their pre match training certainly paid off and their commitment to work hard during the training and the dedication and expertise of our team coaches resulted in this very fine win.

None of this would be possible without the generous lending of boats and the time and effort of our members supporting the team. I must thank Adam Covelly for loaning Tarka having Steve’s Boat practicing against Adam’s was really important. Helping the team with coaching on the water: Joe Cross, Martin Boobyer, Jack Tate, Matt Hitt, George Gillingham, various Watkins sisters, Dave Hale, Imogen Kemp, Rob Kemp. Helping team support; Jackie hale, Juliette Kemp. All the parents for ferrying around. Our race officals; Jim Macgregor (ARO), Umpire boat; Lucy and Kate Macgregor and wing boat Ian Millard. Finally, Steve Thompson for everything and I mean everything, you do.

Massive congratulations to our team: Harriet Watkins (Helm), Oliver Hale, Fern Jones, Angus Kemp (Tactician), Sam Davis, Toby Griffen, Millie Whittaker, Tom Clayton, Carlo Consolos, Tom Cluett. With team reserves; Josh Duavalle, Ollie Freemantle, Nathanial Hagon, Amber Hale, River Green.

2019 is the 25th anniversary of the Challenge initiated by Jim Macgregor. We are the host Club so it is a special anniversary so put the date in the diary now; 27th December 2019.

Best Regards

Nye Davies




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