The Commodore's Newsletter May 2018

A rather lengthy newsletter as it includes an additional report from Sailing and House Bar and Catering. Yard and Haven have recently published their newsletter. As Commodore and Flag Officers we do hope that you enjoy the flow of information. I was going to stop emailing the news and use the website and Club noticeboard but I received so many requests for the news to continue to be emailed that we shall continue that practice.

Our sailing season is well underway with both the racing and cruising sections getting into full swing. As for my racing, my back is now much better and I have been racing on J24 Cacoon on Mondays at Parkstone and our own cruiser racing on Tuesdays. We have represented Poole Yacht Club at the Dartmouth Spring Regatta where we won! And last weekend at Fowey where we came 3rd overall. It is very exciting racing and we are looking forward to the Nationals in Poole in two weeks’ time during the IP Regatta. Regatta reports for those with insomnia are posted on the J24 website.

Enough of myself, so many members are doing so much that I would like to report on. The fashion show was a huge success and raised over £1,300 towards my Commodore’s charity. Amanda and her team did an amazing job and I cannot thank her and her team enough for raising so much for Julia’s House and for making the evening such a success. Amanda has posted some great photos on the Club Facebook site, very glamorous.

We are now within striking distance of the £5,000 target I set as a goal in March last year. Thank you all so much, just £600 more to raise.
I hope to hit our target at the Big Summer Madness Event on Saturday 30th June. For those who went last year, and there were many the Club was packed, it was described as one of the best social events that they had been to at the Club and it is FREE. I promise that the raffle will be much briefer and more efficient this year! There will be Gourmet Burgers on sale again. Last year we raised just under £700 for Julia’s House. So, if everyone brings a note or a few coins we will bust the target!

Lucy Macgregor and Team Mac finished up 4th at the Argo Gold Cup in Bermuda and were the first female team in the events 68 years history. Well done Lucy, Annie, Hannah, Bethan and Kate. In fact, for someone who is a Facebook ignoramus, I am finding some great stuff. Even the SCOWS are posting photos!

Sue and Richard are still delving into the history of our Club and unearthing some surprising artefacts, most recently a silver salver as a Poole Regatta prize from 1862! As promised I posted the audited accounts for the haven refurbishment on the Club notice board. If any member who cannot visit the Club wishes to see the accounts then please contact Mark and he will email a copy.

Please put these in your diary:
Friendly Fridays, family sailing and burgers, great way to spend Friday evening.
Friday Gourmet Dinner Night
SCOWS on Wednesday mornings at the Club.
International Paints Regatta 26th – 28th May
Poole Yacht Club Regatta 16th – 17th June
Summer Big Band Madness 30th June

As I write this the weather is glorious, long may it continue. Enjoy your sailing and make the most of our wonderful facilities.

Best Regards
Nye Davies

Sailing and House, Bar and Catering

News from Vice Commodore Sailing, John Yonwin.

From all the planning work carried out during the winter months, we are, at last, on the Water and enjoying what we do.... No rest, really, for PYC Team Sailing, since we start the planning work for the 2019 Sailing Season in six weeks’ time...My thanks for all the hard work undertaken by the team, in so many ways.

The on the water activities continue to grow and grow with the successful introduction of SCOWS (Social Cruising On Wednesdays), thanks to the inspiration of Allan Ryder (assisted by Peter Chaldecott), and Friendly Fridays (Tracey as our Lead) has really taken off with 13 boats out last night (4th May) and 45 burgers eaten.....

Sailing Pro Katie Hooper is now well established as Principal for our training organisation and she is bringing expertise and new ideas to this aspect of our sailing life. She is running the Monday night adult novice groups, and has done a week of sailing tuition for new junior members, which received very positive feedback, indeed. More sailing training for adults and juniors is being planned for the rest of the season. Katie is also available for one to one or group coaching and training - enquire with her for availability and prices, and for any information about training courses.

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE (16th and 17th June) for our CLUB REGATTA - volunteers needed for a range of on shore and on the water roles, email Katie Hooper to let us know how you can help.

We must express our gratitude for all that Ian Wall did to introduce and run Dutyman before his passing. Thanks to Tom Coombes for becoming the “new” Dutyman Administrator.
Thank you to all who have volunteered this year. We have just about enough volunteers for regular duties, and a few reserves, however it is challenging, particularly for weekend and adult training events. We also have open events that require even more volunteers.
We can use more volunteers, so if you have time to volunteer, please use the link on our website to put yourself forward (
Even if you have been volunteering for years, it does make it easier for the volunteer team if you use the online form. There are also guides on many aspects of volunteering and training on that page. If you have any questions please email them to

News from Rear Commodore House Bar and Catering, Simon Philbrick

Well it’s been a whirlwind couple of months and my head is still on overload. Fortunately I have a supportive team and some old hands to help me on my way.
I am still discovering the many parts to the job, but I have spoken with lots of people and made a list of priorities. There are a number of items that need our attention and time, but the team and I hope to work through the list as efficiently as possible.

I know that I am not alone in calling the Club my 2nd home (as Carole tells me our house is our 1st! Still under- debate!)
I would like you to all feel at home here too. But, I must say that since taking up the gauntlet of Rear Commodore House? I have been disappointed to see that a small number of our members don’t treat it with the respect it deserves.

Most members take pride in the Club, return their plates and glasses to the bar and place rubbish in the appropriate receptacles, however a small number seem to think it’s acceptable to fill a small internal bin with large amounts of inappropriate waste (I hope you are all aware of the large commercial size bins in the ‘double door garage’ behind the sailing academy, if you come back from a week away cruising, please put your accumulated waste in the appropriate bins within, rather than filling up the locker room bins). Evidence also suggests that some Club members have even brought their external (commercial) waste to the Club, with items such as household doors and hazardous paint tins being found in the commercial bins. I remind everybody that it is free to dispose of your rubbish at our council tip, but we as a Club pay for commercial waste removal. The bottom line is that if this facility is abused it will force our fees to increase to pay for it.

Our green policy is currently very weak (we are working on plans to improve this) and we will need you all to help! If we become cannier with our waste, it is possible that we could turn it into some profit. If we all work together on recycling, and ensuring that the correct waste goes into the correct receptacles (which are already available and clearly labelled at the Club) we would be able to make our memberships fees go further, and it would ensure that we maintain our stunning surroundings. Every recycled straw, cup, can, piece of paper and reusable container helps us to be more efficient. If the doors are open then the air conditioning should be turned off etc., (lots of it is just common sense). If it’s good enough for John Lewis and Tesco’s it is good enough for us also, 'Every little helps!'

It is very disappointing that there has been an increase in dog faeces left on the ground for members and their children to step into. Members’ dogs are very welcome but only if such mess is cleared up.

Our staff work hard to help us maintain our premier sailing home, but we can all help them, and in the process we will all feel better and smarter in ourselves and even more proud of our amazing Club and facilities.

I feel we can make our Club a home for all, whomever you may be, wherever you come from, whatever your water sport pleasure. With your help we can achieve this quickly and ensure that we are all more able to enjoy our Club.

Your House and Bar Committee (HBC) are taking a major part in summer sailing events, but we also have our third eye looking further ahead (to the winter and what will be needed then). Most importantly we need your support through winter, and as a team we plan far ahead! So while the sun is finally shining we’re planning your autumn, hoping you’ll be here to support the Club during the winter. For now enjoy the summer sun while it lasts, and enjoy OUR home.



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