The Future of Recreational Boating at Studland

Fri 27 Nov 2020

Hello everyone,

Last year Studland became a designated Marine Controlled Zone (MCZ) and there is now a request for comments and suggestions on how it will be managed. The closing date is 15th December 2020.

It is the responsibility the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to determine the management of the Marine Controlled Zone at Studland.

The MMO is considering what needs to be done for the preservation of the environment and marine life in that area.

A meeting attended by representatives from Poole YC, The RYA, The Poole Yachting Association including Parktone and Royal Motor Yacht clubs, and Salterns Marina was held to discuss the options put forward by the MMO and the implications for recreational boating activity in that area.

Broadly there is a consensus that The RYA should respond on behalf of all boating activity, recognising the need for conservation and protection of the seagrass beds at Studland, but at the same time seeking a largely voluntary code of practice. The yacht clubs will each be making their own representations on the specific options and in line with this consensus.

There was a general consensus for a statutory speed limit in the Zone and very much against a total ban on recreational boating; the latter option is the most severe of those put forward by the MMO.

If you wish to make a personal statement to the MMO, details can be obtained at where there is a response form and further information about the consultation.

We will keep you posted as to developments on this issue and thank you for your support in this.

Signed Tracey Lee RC Sailing & On the Water Activity

Poole Yacht Club  Sailing and General committee Brian
Brian Snelgrove
Sailing and General Committee