Studland Bay Marine Conservation Zone

Mon 22 Mar 2021

Proposals may well affect you and our boating

In a stakeholder discussion on 18th March the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) announced that they plan to introduce a no anchor zone, covering at least the seagrass area where most leisure boats anchor, in this 2021 season. It will effectively ban anchoring in much of the southern half of Studland bay.

In that meeting an assertive consensus was expressed for providing recreational access, probably through moorings, and an introduction over a longer timescale. This came from broad range of interested parties and an academic source.

There will be a public discussion hosted by the Dorset Coast Forum on Thursday 25th March at 7pm. If you feel strongly about this issue you can attend and read about it by going to

Read More about Studland MCZ

The Dorset Coast Forum web page gives a broad description and as you scroll down the right hand side of the webpage you will see some relevant documents and a link to register to attend.

Poole Yacht Club  Sailing and General committee Brian
Brian Snelgrove
Sailing and General Committee

Response prepared by Brian Snelgrove (Sailing Committee and General Committee) and Howard Davidson (Volunteer Consultant)