Change to Flag Officer Roles

Wed 26 Jan 2022

Moving with the times: New Reporting definitions and responsibilities

What are we trying to achieve?

Clearer definitions of Flags and General Manger roles with emphasis on our delivering the best possible service and support to our members and the care of our buildings and property.

In essence, the Flag Officers hold the tiller and give policy direction and General Committee members are the scrutineers and ensure policies and decisions taken by Flag Officers and General Committee are in the best interests of the Club for today and tomorrow.

To be known as: Rear Commodore Sailing & on the Water Activities (includes racing, events, training, ribs and on the water safety, RYA)
House, Bar and Catering

To become more services focused and loses the Club house building structure / repairs aspect.

Changes to: Rear Commodore Services (includes bar and catering services, membership support & recruitment, I.T., P.R. & social media, Club & staff policies, and social activities)

Yard and Haven

As now with the addition of the Club house building structure / repairs aspect

Change to: Rear Commodore Facilities (includes club house, haven, yard, and boat shed)

Dealing with possible “cross overs” (e.g. dinghy yard fees): The most appropriate Flag Officer will take the initial lead e.g. Dinghy yard fees to be retained by the RC Sailing team.

Any of the three Rear Commodores can be the Vice Commodore.


  • Sailing
  • Training
  • Services
  • Social
  • Membership recruitment
  • Website and social media and PR (replaces IT)
  • Facilities

Collaborative Committee working

We see no real impact on the way committees operate, other than they will now have a clearly identified Flag Officer for support, escalation of issues and as a conduit for communications to and from the General Committee. The Flag Officer concerned will oversee and support activities of these committees, attending meetings as required/invited and providing advice and liaison with the other Flag Officers and honorary positions as required.

Chairs General Committee and General Meetings and could include such as: our carbon footprint, broader health and safety policy, Rules and Bye-laws revisions, liaison with RYA, PYA, PHC Poole Harbour Watch and other statutory bodies, representing the Club and members as required.
Honorary Solicitor
Clarification of the Club Rules and Byelaws, general legal guidance in Club affairs, as may be required by the General Committee.
Honorary Treasurer
Supervision of the keeping of all the books of account of the Club and advice on financial matters including preparing and reporting on the Club’s budget and finances, as may be required by the General Committee.
General Manager
Day to day management of the Club, implementing General Committee decisions / strategy, administration, bar & catering, and staff
Staff involvement and development
In addition to Mark and Lorna careful consideration of a staff member attending meetings as secretary could be useful for personal development

Please also refer to the diagram document which sets out the above.

new committee structure