Night Watch

Mon 31 Jan 2022

The Club Committee consider the Night Watch Volunteers Rota an important element of the clubs security and would encourage every member to support this great initiative.

The Local marine police consider that volunteer watches are the best way to protect the valuable assets that are kept both within the club and throughout the harbour.

Night Watch Volunteers have access to the Haven office as their base for the evening. The watch is normally two Volunteers to patrol the Yacht Club grounds utilizing torches and high visibility jackets supplied. The watches operate across the hours of darkness, varying from a couple of hours to a full evening but the hours completed are at the volunteer’s discretion.

The object of the Night Watch is to act as a visible deterrent and so it is all about being seen patrolling the grounds of the club.

As well as the obvious security aspect, Night Watch Volunteering provides an added opportunity to meet other members of the club, plus witnessing the beauty of the harbour in a different light. After the appropriate training, members can also patrol the harbour in the Club launch as part of the Poole Harbour Watch Scheme, which includes patrolling all of the harbour Clubs .

If members were to undertake one watch a year we could cover most evenings throughout the year, please therefore contact Mike Jones and show your support for this great initiative.