The Commodore's Newsletter March 2022

Your Annual General Meeting

Thank you to the members that came to the Club on Saturday evening and to those that voted ahead of time by post / email. This meeting, together with our Club Forum (held in January), give the opportunity for members to put forward questions, comments and to vote.

A number of members have asked me to issue a short summary of the proceedings again this year.
I am pleased to do that.

The Commodore’s Report and the Treasurer’s Report and the Annual Accounts were all voted for.

Following the uncontested elections, the line-up of Flag Officers, Officers and to General Committee is follows:

John Yonwin
Adam Deary
Vice Commodore (Services)
Tracey Lee
Rear Commodore (Sailing)
Barrie Lovelock
Rear Commodore (Facilities)
Richard Cake
Honorary Solicitor
Kate Mellor
Honorary Treasurer
Kate Ginzler
Social Secretary
Kevin Cross
General Committee
Ian Hull
Social Secretary
Sarah Agnew
General Committee

Thank you for electing me as your Commodore for a further year.


  1. Changes to the roles of Flag Officers and redefining the sub-committees - Motion Carried
  2. Reintroduction of Youth berthing credits - Motion Carried

Lilla Trophy

Lilla Trophy 2022 awarded to Steve Thompson

Thank you to members that have submitted the four nominations for the Lilla Trophy this year.

These were:

  1. The winning Commodore’s Challenge Team
  2. Simon Foster
  3. Steve Ehrhart
  4. Steve Thompson

Nominations were invited from members for a member, or members, that “simply excelled in ‘on the water’ activities or volunteering or going that extra mile on behalf of the Club or its members…..”

Clearly all four nominations were worthy of being nominated.
Thank you to those members that submitted names.

The Judges (your Flag Officers) did not find the task of selecting a winner at all easy this year.

Both Simon Foster and Steve Ehrhart have done much to promote and encourage dinghy sailing during the past 12 months. Our Commodore’s Challenge Team brought home the silverware and smiling faces all round! We will be defending the Trophy here from Poole YC in December!

However, we have been in strange times, what with covid and everything, the judges felt that the award should, if possible, recognise volunteering across a number of different functions and club operations.

The winner, therefore, is Steve Thompson.

In addition to his duties as Assistant Sailing Secretary (these duties are excluded from consideration by the Judges), Steve has been a cornerstone within the Club’s Covid Group and spent “many many early morning hours” researching Government announcements and helping with the drafting of all the Covid Bulletins.

Additionally, he has spent time liaising across all Club functions to ensure, with others in the Covid Group, that we do all we are able to keep safe during the covid pandemic.

Steve has been right at the front of the vanguard of the coaching team that helped and coached our Youth members win the Commodore’s Challenge last December; not to mention his stints as Race Officer and Events Co-ordination for on the water events we host.

Steve has dropped me this note:

Unfortunately I found that I was booked for some training so cannot attend this AGM, so it was a very nice surprise when John told me of this award.

I have always been very proud of our Club and its achievements which is why I got involved in coordinating our open events - to show off the Club to visiting sailors and give them a chance to enjoy the waters which we all get to use year-in and year-out.

Ever since Jim Macgregor enticed me into the thrill of the Commodore's Challenge 22 years ago I have wanted our youngsters to have a chance to show off their skills in the head-to-head event with Parkstone to the best of their ability.
It continues to be a joy and privilege to support this event and to help our teams' continuing success.
It really shows off what is best about the Club with members of all ages, not just the team, getting involved and it was great to have so much support particularly from Matt Hitt and Joe Cross who, to the best of my knowledge, like me do not have any family involved, though that may change soon I hear…

Steve Thompson

Commodore’s Charity 2022 – 2023

Lewis-Manning Hospice Care

Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, Poole

For a number of years the Commodore’s Charity has been Julia’s House.

In the past two years we / you have raised £2,221 even during these more trying times. Thank you for supporting this very worthwhile Charity.

We are, for the year ahead, going to make a change.

The Commodore’s Charity will be The Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, based here in Poole.

Having known members that have benefitted from receiving the excellent palliative care services provide by the Lewis-Manning team of professionals and volunteers, there is no doubt in mind, and that of Pat, this Charity is a good choice for the Club for the year ahead.

We shall be making some further announcements about this and in the soon to be released Soundings.

Pat and I visited Lewis-Manning house

Pat and I visited Lewis-Manning house just recently and were very struck with the quality and range of the services provided and the dedicated staff and volunteers there.

Those of us involved in organising events and fund raising here at the Club, can I ask that you consider supporting the Club’s Lewis-Manning Hospice Care charity appeal, please?

Leaflets and promotional material can be available to help promote this for you. Just ask me or the Office team.

Thank you for the generosity you have shown over the years in supporting the various Commodore’s Charity appeals.

Wishing you my very best regards.
Always pleased to hear from you.

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John Yonwin
John Yonwin



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