Poole Yacht Club Laser/Aero

Welcome to the Laser/Aero fleet page. Fleet sailors cover a wide range of ages and experience, as such, we believe that anyone could feel at home in the fleet.

The fleet participates in sailing across the spectrum from highly competetive racing to gentle cruising.

The Laser/Aero fleet races as a handicap fleet which encompasses all of the available rig configurations (i.e. Laser: 4.7, Radial & Full RS Aero: 5,7 & 9).

Race scoring is accomplished using the Sailwave application under a Local PY system. Local PYs are advocated by the RYA as improving the fairness of the racing and are calculated using the RYA's pys website

Racing takes place on Monday and Thursday evenings throughout the season(April to December). In addition to the evening racing there are Saturday afternoon races at the begining and end of the season. Dotted throughout the season are special one off races(known as Trophy races) which can include racing against dinghies in other classes or going on special courses(e.g. around the harbour islands). A detailed schedule for all races can be found in the Sailing Programme.

There is a strong "social sailing" side to the fleet which is exemplified in the Friendly Friday sailing activity. Members meet up on Friday evenings for a cruise round the harbour accompanied by a safety boat. On their return to the club a barbeque and drinks party is laid on.

For those sailors who don't own a boat, the club has Lasers available for hire via a booking website.

The club provides comprehensive training(including Lasers) for those new to sailing. These training sessions take place on Monday evenings.

Class Contacts

Stephen Ehrhart

Class Captain

Stuart Swan

Vice Class Captain

Giles Strong

Results Secretary

Sally Devereux


Race Results



Laser/Aero Specification

Designer: Bruce Kirby and Ian Brucs

Portsmouth Number:Standard ​​1097(PY)

Portsmouth Number:Radial ​​1139(PY)

Portsmouth Number:4.7 ​​1200(PY)

Measurement Feet Meter
Length ​​13’10​​​​​​​ 4.23
Beam ​​​​​​​​4’6​​​​​​ 1.37
Sail Area Sq. Feet Sq. Meters
Main Sail 76​​​ 7.06

Weight(min):​​​​ 130lb 59KG