Club Forum

Club Forum

Bringing your Club Forum to you during these continuing Covid Pandemic times…

We will again be holding this on ZOOM. We are very keen that the “dynamic spirit” of the Club Forum is maintained during these Covid times.

This is an opportunity for you to hear from your Flag Officers, The Honorary Treasurer, and our General Manager. They will each give a short introduction to you before answering your questions.

This is how it will work

A week before the Club Forum, we will issue the ZOOM joining instructions and any further final details.

Submitting your questions

With our using ZOOM, it will greatly help if you could submit your questions in advance on this dedicated email address:
by 12 noon Monday 17th January 2022

Keeping things flowing during the Club Forum

Our General Manger, Mark, will co-ordinate ZOOM proceedings on the night.

The timetable for the evening will be broadly as follows:

7.15 pm ZOOM will open
7.30 pm opening comments by “yours truly”
Short introductions from fellow Flag Officers, Adam Deary and Tracey Lee and our Honorary Treasurer, Kate Mellor.
Answer the questions submitted in advance and then answer the “live” questions, submitted via the ZOOM chat facility (more details of that with the ZOOM joining instructions.)
Around 9.00 pm we will close proceedings.