Griffin Trophy

Sat 31 Jul
2 p.m.

Griffin Trophy: this is the most fluid of trophies for reasons that will become evident.

The start is in the bar where at least one sailor from each class consumes a pint of their choice (no spirits, but water, lemonade and coke all acceptable).
They then race around a course set out in the yard before arriving on the beach where their craft awaits them.
There's a simple course to sail from the beach around a designated mark in the Harbour, back to the beach, run the yard course in reverse and finish at the bar consuming a second pint of something of your choice.

All dinghy classes start together - Hobies, Oppies, Toppers, Dayboats, Ospreys or anything else that floats. They are all competing for another of the coveted Club trophies - the Griffin Trophy.

Start Sequence

(8, T)
Time Class
14:00 First Warning
14:05 Medium Handicap Dinghies
14:05 Fast Handicap Dinghies
14:05 Asymmetric and Foiling Handicap Dinghies
14:05 Slow Handicap Dinghies & Hobie Cats

Tides at Poole Harbour (m)