Cruising & Classic Boat Lunch

Cruising & Classic Boat Lunch

The Joint Monday Lunches enjoyed by the Cruising and Classic Boat Section members,
but open to all club members.

Some background information:

We started these lunches as a result from some of our older members at our 2021 Classic Boat Section AGM.
A lot our members are reluctant at times to visit the club due to sometimes not knowing the members who are in the bar lounge at the time of their visit or they have lost their partners and friends in life and are now feeling rather lonely. These members once owned yachts and enjoyed the company of club friends during their younger club days. These friendships have been enjoyed over the years, but time passes and circumstances have changed. Travelling at night can also be a problem for some not wanting to drive in the dark and some have suffered with the new LED lights on newer vehicles that tend to be so bright and very dazzling when driving.
As a result, I decided with our committee to start these Get-Togethers once a month on each second Monday per month. Having run them now for 22 months these last two years they have been very successful, and our members look forward to them.

Please can you advertise these lunches on the club website each month and also have a slot on the rolling TV screens in the club house.

I also check with the office staff each month to make sure that the Skylight Lounge is free,
Mondays being a fairly light day for any hire. These lunches start around 12 noon and last for up to two and a half hours.

Many thanks

Ken Wilding: Skipper Classic Boat Section