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Welcome to the Yachting World Day Boat section at Poole Yacht Club! There are currently around 36 Dayboats at the club of which around 26 compete in the club racing with the others content to just cruise around the beautiful Poole Harbour. Our class racing night is every Monday and Thursday evening through April until the end of October in addition to this we also race most Saturdays. Another staple of our sailing calendar is the annual Yachting World Day Boat Open which is open to visiting Dayboats from other clubs. The first day of the event features a round the harbour islands event followed by an evening dinner. On the second day of the event The Newton Trophy is up for grabs after three races. Yachting World Dayboats have been a class at the club since the early 1950’s. Having previously been kept on swing moorings at the old club the Dayboats now occupy their own pontoon within the Haven, this allows us access to Poole Harbour at all states of tide. If you’re interested in finding out more about us or how to join The Yachting World Day Boat section then please get in touch!

Class Contacts

Natalie French

Class Captain

Roy Davies

Vice Captain

Phil Lokier

Social Representative

John Lokier


Wendy Davies

Results Secretary

The Yachting World Day Boat Class

The Yachting World Dayboat was commissioned in 1949 and details of the proposed dinghy were published in Yachting World magazine. The requirements were a round bilge sailing boat that could be easily be built by amateurs using a number of different methods, i.e. clinker double diagonal, seam batten carvel etc. The boat also had to be robust and suitable for family sailing and generally being in open waters, estuaries and rivers. The original proposals did not intend for the boat to be used for racing. By 1950 around fifteen boats had been produced and it was quickly discovered the boats had all the required properties as described in the proposal. The boat design was soon licensed to manufacturers to enable people that couldn’t produce their own to have access to the boat. Until the 1970’s the boats were entirely of a wooden construction however the boats now make use of GRP simulated clincker hulls and in many instances GRP decks and internals.

DB/GP 14 Joint Open

Sun 12 Aug - Fri 17 Aug 2018

The Poole Dayboat Open Weekend this year for the first time is combining with the GP14 Open on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July.

On Saturday there are the "Round the Harbour Islands" races, one way in the morning and reversed in the afternoon. There will be Tea and Cakes following afternoon racing.

Saturday evening is the Carvery Dinner.

On Sunday the Dayboats will have 3 Races for the Newton Trophy, one race in the morning and two after lunch.

On completion of racing there will a BBQ and tea and cakes followed by the Prizegiving.

Dayboat Week 2018

Sun 12 Aug - Fri 17 Aug 2018

The annual Dayboat Week is being held at Poole Yacht Club in August 2018.

The week of sailing includes 5 points races for the National Championship, together with additional races for the Long Distance Trophy, the Ladies Trophy, the Crews Trophy, and the Cadet Trophy.

The entry is open to all members of the Yaching World Dayboat Association and to all Dayboats regardless of construction which hold a current Race Certificate.

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