Adult 7 week Improver Course

Mon 19 Aug 2019
6 p.m.-8 p.m.

The 7 week improver course is for those who have completed the beginner RYA level 1 course or have basic dinghy sailing experience and can sail across the wind and tack already. If you're looking to improve your sailing skills. Instruction in this group will concentrate on skills needed to take part in club racing and on building confidence so sailors can enjoy “cruising” dinghy sailing in all areas of the harbour.

This 7 week course in a small intimate group is the perfect way to learn. During the 7 weeks we will cover improving your tacking, sailing on all points of sail, sail trim, the five essentials, leaving and returning to a beach/slipway, controlled gybing, sailing around a course. You will also learn about the Rules of the Road, weather and tides.

Improver sailing will take place Monday evenings and each course will run over and 7 week period. One of the weeks you will be expected to do a RIB assist duty with the group, this will enable you to continue to learn and develop through the Instructor who will be driving the RIB and you'll be able to watch the rest of the group sail to see the area's to work on.

If you would like to book for one of the 7 week courses please click on the dates below that you would like to attend and it will take you to the booking form.

The Training will start promptly at 6pm, so if you can be changed and ready to at 6pm to go afloat. You will finish at roughly 8pm.

At the end of the 7 week course, if you wish to continue sailing on a Monday night in a group with others at the same ability you can join the social sailing group on Monday evening. This group will mainly consist of those that have completed the 7 week Improver course and will have a safety boat with an experienced sailor on-board who will go out with the sailors and give you some sailing advice along the way. You also need to sign up for the Social sailing which is on the webcollect home page. Or alternatively you can join the Monday evening racing, please speak to Katie or the class captain of the class you would like to race with for more information.

The cost of the 7 week course is £85 which also covers the cost club boat hire. To make a booking please click on the links below of the dates of the course you wish to book onto.

Monday 8th July - Monday 19th August

If you would like anymore information please email;

Tides at Poole Harbour (m)

Mon 19 Aug Time Height
Low 02:55 16.13m
High 04:05 16.77m
Low 07:15 6.75m
High 12:20 20.41m
Low 14:50 17.07m
High 16:30 19.1m
Low 19:35 9.02m
Not for use in protection of life or property
Day Starts Time Classes Ends
Sun 1 Mar 10:30 A,2,3,R,4 5 Apr
Sun 4 Oct 10:30 A,B,3,R,4 13Dec
Mon 6 Apr 18:20 (7,G,D),8,T 31Aug
Mon 7 Sep 18:00 R,1,A,2,3,4 28Sep
Tue 31Mar 18:15 R,1,A,2,3,4 8 Sep
Tue 15Sep 18:00 R 29Sep
Weds 1 Apr 18:00 Training 16Sep
Thurs 2 Apr 18:15 R,7,G,D,O,8 3 Sep
Thurs 2 Apr 18:00 Youth Races 3 Sep
Fri 24Apr 18:25 3,D,R 31May
Fri 1 May 18:25 Friendly Fridays 11Sep
Sat 4 Apr 14:00 7,(G,D),8,T 19May
Sat 12Sep 14:00 (7,G,D),8,T 17Oct
Sat 2Nov 31Oct 7,(G,D,8),T 12Dec
Class 1 Cruiser
Class 1A Cruiser
Class 1B Cruiser
Class 2 Cruiser
Class 3 Cruiser
Spare Cruiser Class (defined on Notice Board)
All Cruisers inc. R19s
YW Dayboat
Laser/Aero Handicap
Fast Handicap Dinghies
Slow Handicap Dinghies & Hobie Cats
Medium Handicap Dinghies
Joint E, F & 9
Asymmetric and Foiling Handicap Dinghies
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