Winter Series Dinghies

Sat 09 Nov 2019
1 p.m.-3 p.m.

PYC Winter Saturday dinghy race series. Every Saturday from 2nd November to 14th December

Start sequence:

13.00 Laser, Aero
13.10 GP14, Day Boat, Joint Handicap
13.15 Topper
Day Boats will do one race only. The other fleets will have a second race with the sequence starting after the red and white postponement flag comes down

Look under sailing: race management, for videos of the race hut starting lights.
To enter your boat, you need to have paid race fees for the season

Tides at Poole Harbour

Sat 9 Nov

Neap Tide
Time Height
Low 02:00 0.96m
Low 09:30 1.82m
Low 14:20 1.02m
Low 22:00 1.61m
Time Height
High 07:40 1.91m
High 11:10 2.01m
High 19:00 1.89m
High 23:30 1.77m
Not for use in protection of life or property
Created by Southern Logic