Swanage Trophy Race

Sat 27 Jul 2019
10:55 a.m.

A long dinghy race past Old Harry to Swanage and back.

Start time 10,55, Start sequence: R19, all dinghies as handicap fleet.

Tides at Poole Harbour

Sat 27 Jul

Neap Tide
Time Height
Low 00:10 11.84m
Low 05:20 15.83m
Low 07:30 16.21m
Low 12:35 11.17m
Low 17:35 17.34m
Low 19:55 17.9m
Time Height
High 03:15 16.51m
High 06:50 16.25m
High 09:20 17.29m
High 16:35 17.45m
High 19:15 17.94m
High 21:45 19.24m
Not for use in protection of life or property
Created by Southern Logic