National Series Topper Event

Sat 06 Jul - Sun 07 Jul 2019

If you were visiting Poole YC at the beginning of May this year you would have noticed that we hosted the Super Topper traveller this year which had some great feedback, helped tremendously by the helpful weather.

That was just a warm up for the Toppers though, as they are back for more on 6th/7th July for a National Series event, the final of the 6 National events held all over the country. We are expecting over 150 toppers to be out on the water which is an awesome sight event for those of you who do not race. The sailors come from as far as Cornwall and Scotland to compete so I hope we will all give them a warm welcome. The car park will be a bit busy that weekend so if you plan to leave your car in the car park over that weekend it might be worth checking where best to park to help reduce some of the congestion.

If you would like to be on the water or just hang around the club to be part of this fabulous event you can volunteer through the ITCA website .

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Tides at Poole Harbour (m)

Sat 6 Jul Time Height
High 00:10 23.58m
Low 03:05 16.48m
High 04:30 18.33m
Low 07:35 4.26m
High 12:45 21.95m
Low 15:20 17.16m
High 17:05 20.22m
Low 20:00 7.89m
Not for use in protection of life or property
Sun 7 Jul Time Height
High 00:55 22.75m
Low 03:50 16.5m
High 05:15 18.27m
Low 08:20 5.07m
High 13:30 20.9m
Low 16:00 17.51m
High 17:50 20.6m
Low 20:50 8.91m
Not for use in protection of life or property
Day Starts Time Classes Ends
Sun 1 Mar 10:30 A,2,3,R,4 5 Apr
Sun 4 Oct 10:30 A,B,3,R,4 13Dec
Mon 6 Apr 18:20 (7,G,D),8,T 31Aug
Mon 7 Sep 18:00 R,1,A,2,3,4 28Sep
Tue 31Mar 18:15 R,1,A,2,3,4 8 Sep
Tue 15Sep 18:00 R 29Sep
Weds 1 Apr 18:00 Training 16Sep
Thurs 2 Apr 18:15 R,7,G,D,O,8 3 Sep
Thurs 2 Apr 18:00 Youth Races 3 Sep
Fri 24Apr 18:25 3,D,R 31May
Fri 1 May 18:25 Friendly Fridays 11Sep
Sat 4 Apr 14:00 7,(G,D),8,T 19May
Sat 12Sep 14:00 (7,G,D),8,T 17Oct
Sat 2Nov 31Oct 7,(G,D,8),T 12Dec
Class 1 Cruiser
Class 1A Cruiser
Class 1B Cruiser
Class 2 Cruiser
Class 3 Cruiser
Spare Cruiser Class (defined on Notice Board)
All Cruisers inc. R19s
YW Dayboat
Laser/Aero Handicap
Fast Handicap Dinghies
Slow Handicap Dinghies & Hobie Cats
Medium Handicap Dinghies
Joint E, F & 9
Asymmetric and Foiling Handicap Dinghies
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