We have taken the decision to open up the Bar and Catering with a limited menu and service to our members.
As highlighted within the last Covid-19 bulletin this will run at a loss but it is more about offering our members the service and getting the Club back on the road to normality.

The service we operate could be expanded once we can assess your needs, the costs and staff time to facilitate the service.

We will be complying with all government guidelines at all times whilst offering this service.

Poole Yacht Club Takeaways

The Food

There will be a limited menu based on the Club’s snack/lunch standard menu with hot and cold items.
Some specials may be made available via the chalkboard and will be on offer until they run out.
Hot and cold drinks, including beer in cans will be offered for purchase, as well as chocolates, crisps, nuts and snacks. We will have fresh pastries early in the day but when they run out no more will be made until the next day.
We will use environmentally friendly takeaway packaging where possible. Please make sure you dispose of this properly.
Alcohol can be taken out or consumed on site or on your boat.

The Service

To start we will run with 2 members of staff Jack & Tom. From 10am to 3:30pm
Wednesday through to Sunday. (No service Mon/Tue).

First service will be from this Friday 19th June.

How will this work?

There will be a one-way system for all orders: up the main staircase, south side along the balcony to Skylight Lounge fire exit door.
Please queue using social distance guidelines.
Only 1 person within the Skylight at a time please.
Order from the Skylight bar, white card reader and card machine are placed on the table in front of the counter. No cash orders please.
Leave by the Skylight patio doors and down the staircase along the eastern wall.

As you order food you will be given a coaster pager; this will be your cue to return to collect your order when it alerts you. You may wait for this on the balcony by the flag posts, or on the patio, but please still use the 1 way system. Collection will be from the right hand side of the Skylight using the end of the bar counter.

Poole Yacht Club Takeaways Poole Yacht Club Takeaways Poole Yacht Club Takeaways

Following Club Guidelines

It is your responsibility to comply with Government guidelines

  • Please touch as little as possible.
  • Please do not move any barriers in place to maintain the 1 way system.
  • Please do not linger or chat in groups.
  • Please maintain social distancing.
  • Please return anything you have taken from the Clubhouse to the Clubhouse.
  • We have no cleaners or waiting staff to tidy up after you.
  • You may not use the balcony for seating or eating.
  • Please help us by taking your rubbish home - we only have a limited bin collection service during the current time.
  • This is the only area of the Clubhouse that is open. There is no access to the main rooms or the Office lobby. This is to protect our staff - they are the Club’s assets and we are trying to protect them as a responsible employer.

These are the guidelines weare trying to adhere to within the rules; as things change we will inform you through the usual channels.

This service or the layout may change to make it easier for us or you to use.
We will keep you informed. We hope to offer more and ultimately return to a 7 days service, but we have to take things slowly to understand what is possible and achievable for all.

Poole Yacht Club Commodore John Yonwin
Rear Commodore House Bar and Catering

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