24-25 Saturday

Contender/Osprey Open Meeting

Come and join us in Poole for a wonderful weekend of sailing.


We start off on Friday with a training day for members of the Osprey Association. Entirely free and run by Tim Rush, a well-known expert.


On Saturday we have separate starts for the Contender and Osprey fleets and hope to sail 3 races, starting at 11.55. When you come off the water we will provide you with tea and cakes. This will be followed by a meal, which you can book and pay for in the morning. We will give you a free raffle ticket in the hopes that you stay for Poole Yacht Club’s evening of Mid-summer Madness with two live bands. The charge is zero pounds and the bar is open until midnight.


When you awake on Sunday you will be raring to compete in three more races before you collect your prizes at about 3.45 and make your way home, tired but fulfilled.

The Moto is; “Life is for living”

Details are in the attached Notice of Race Download the Notice
The minutes of the Handicap Class AGM held on 25th January 2016 can be found here.  The document referenced in section 11 and E-Mailed to the RC Sailing can be found here.  A table to back up the PY assertion made in section 4 can be found here.

Since 2012 handicap results files (Sailwave) have been uploaded to the RYA PYS Online Website.

This data is used in calculating the annual PY numbers(PN) which the RYA publishes, this publication lists the recommended PY for each racing class it has sufficient data for.  In addition, the above website, allows each club to calculate PY data using only the data the club has supplied.  All data is validated (e.g there must be sufficient boats in a race) before it is entered into a calculation.

A table, comparing the 2016 recommended PY and the calculated PY is available here.

The table shows that the majority of boats are sailing close to their recommended PY.  This gives some confidence that course selection has not unduly favoured one boat configuration over another.  The turnover of boats means that some boats have only logged a few valid starts and hence the comparision is more suspect.

The participation data for 2015 can be directly compared to the data collected for 2014 as the race series are nearly identical.  The purpose of this analysis is to provide baseline data that can be used when discussing racing proposals at the Handicap AGM.  The source data is as follows:

Note:  The majority of the boat ID letters map to the same boats in both years but not all.

Basic Analysis

Last year, 17 out of 106 scheduled races were abandoned representing a loss of 16%.  This year, 19 out of 99 scheduled races were abandoned, a loss of 19%.  There were 36 individual boats participating last year, this year there are 30.  The overall number of individual starts last year was 488 with an average of 5.48 boats per race, this year, there were 499 starts with an average of 6.24 boats/race.


In comparing the 2014 and 2015 data, particular attention should be paid to the near complete loss of the 2015 Winter Series due to bad weather. 

The minutes of the Handicap Class AGM held on 13th January 2015 can be found here.

The Annual General Meeting of the Handicap class was held on the 5th February 2014.  The Handicap class organises the sailing of the AsyCap class, this is an "umbrella" class that includes asymmetric, handicap, 420 and Osprey fleets.

The main issues decided were:

1.  The spending of surplus Handicap class funds will be decided by an E-Mail ballot based on a list of proposals

2.  Tide permitting, Olympic courses will be used for all races i.e. average lap racing is unlikely.

Details of the meeting can be found here

The first race on a Saturday will count towards an eight race series known as "Series A".  The second race will count towards an eight race series known as "Series B".  In addition there will be an overall winner of Series A and B combined.

AsyCap Results - Spring - Saturday - Series A
AsyCap Results - Spring - Saturday - Series B

AsyCap Results - Spring - Monday
AsyCap Results - Spring - Thursday

AsyCap Results - Trophy Races

There will be a parallel series of racing based on Personal Handicaps (PHs) for all four summer series. The first and last of the summer series will have a £25 prize awarded.  The PHs will be calculated using the average of the last six Back Corrected Ratings (BCRs) for each boat.  In the case of insufficient BCRs, a PY value will be used. The current PHs can be found in the following tables:

Personal Handicap Table
Contender League Table

AsyCap Results - Summer - Monday - PH
AsyCap Results - Summer - Monday - PY

AsyCap Results - Summer - Thursday - PH
AsyCap Results - Summer - Thursday - PY

AsyCap Results - Late Summer Monday - PH
AsyCap Results - Late Summer Monday - PY

AsyCap Results - Late Summer Thursday - PH
AsyCap Results - Late Summer Thursday - PY

AsyCap Results - Autumn - Saturday - Series A - PH
AsyCap Results - Autumn - Saturday - Series A - PY

AsyCap Results - Autumn - Saturday - Series B - PH
AsyCap Results - Autumn - Saturday - Series B - PY

AsyCap Results - Winter - Saturday - Series A - PH
AsyCap Results - Winter - Saturday - Series A - PY

AsyCap Results - Winter - Saturday - Series B - PH
AsyCap Results - Winter - Saturday - Series B - PY

The latest participation statistics can be found below:

Detailed Participation      Histogram

These statistics have been produced to facilitate an informed review of AsyCap sailing.  The boats have not been specifically identified as the intention is to examine general trends.

Overall Statistics:

1.  Of 72 scheduled races, 58 were sailed, a loss of 20%

2.  Of these 58 races, 38 were available to the Osprey fleet

3.  The average fleet size was 6.62 boats and 36 individual boats participated (a 19% turnout)

4.  The average size of the Contender fleet was 2.06 boats

5.  The average size of the 420 fleet was 0.67 boats

6.  The average size of the Osprey fleet was 1.89 boats

7. 14 (27%) races used average lap timings, trophy races have been excluded from this statistic.

Of the 384 attempted starts, 148 (39%) were by asymmetric spinnaker boats, 120 (31%) by non-spinnaker boats and 116 (30%) by symmetric spinnaker boats.  A pie chart of this data can be found here

A detailed participation spreadsheet can be found here

A histogram of this spreadsheet can be found here

Analysis of the 2012 participation profile for the Asymmetric Fleet showed that 21 different boats started races with an average fleet size of 4 boats/race.  From this it can be deduced that our current "business model" for asymmetric sailing is defunct.  With this in mind, discussions with other fleet representatives led to a series of proposals for the 2013 season.  The majority of these proposals have been agreed by the Sailing Commitee and will be implemented next season.  The agreed changes are as follows:

Item 1.  There will be one start for asymmetric, fast handicap and medium handicap boats.  These boats will all race against each other as a single fleet.  The Laser dinghies will have their own start. 

Reasoning:  The above change will ensure that there will always be a decent sized fleet to race in.

Item 2.  Courses will alternate between triangular and windward/leeward formats within a given series.

Reasoning:  This ensures that asymmetric boats get the opportunity to fully utilise their spinnakers in at least half the races.  Occasional asymmetric sailors may wish to only pick the windward/leeward races to participate in.

Item 3:  Average lap scoring will be used for all races.

Reasoning:  This is to create a more "level playing field" when races comprise of boats with significantly different handicaps.  In particular it should help slower boats who tend to be worst affected by a dying evening breeze.

Two other proposals are under discussion and may be put forward.  They are:

Proposal 1.  Use PY data obtained from the RYA PYS website to adjust handicaps.  The majority of the asymmetric and other handicap results for 2012 have been entered (via Sailwave files) into this site and new PYs are available for some boats (more  data is required to give results for all boats).  The site generates PYs on a "class of boat" basis and is not a personal handicap.  However, if there is only one of a given boat class, it will equate to a personal handicap.

Reasoning:  The PYs published by the RYA are only an approximation over all sailing environments.  The RYA encourages clubs to change the PYs they use to match their local conditions, for instance, HISC modifies the RYA PYs to compensate for its local tidal conditions.  With this change, it should be possible to bring a fairer set of PYs into use.

Proposal 2.  To have two races on a Saturday, either two "fast & furious" standard races or a pursuit race followed by a standard race.

Reasoning:  To make Saturday racing more of an "event", to provide something more exciting for people who only use their boats occassionaly.

Changes in the racing format, as proposed last year (see article), are being implemented this year.  The following results relate to these changes and cover the combined asymmetric and handicap fleet, known as AsyCap.

AsyCap Results - Spring - Monday

AsyCap Results - Spring - Thursday

AsyCap Results - Spring - Saturday

AsyCap Results - Summer - Monday

AsyCap Results - Summer - Thursday

AsyCap Results - Trophy Races

Here is the Race Schedule for the Late Summer Series, this schedule identifies the course type as one of Triangle (T), Windward/Leeward (WL) or Channel Course (CC).  In the instance of a race being abandoned, the course type will be changed to "RA" in the results.

AsyCap Results - Late Summer - Monday

AsyCap Results - Late Summer - Thursday

Here is the Race Schedule for the Autumn and Winter Series.

AsyCap Results - Autumn - Saturday

AsyCap Results - Winter - Saturday

Please find attached results as of 25 June 2014 for the Ospreys

Also attached the results for the first Saturday Series.

2014 Spring Evening Results

2014 Early Saturday Series A 

2014 Summer Evenings