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The Club and members are provided with better security by volunteers who give up whatever time they can manage.

I believe the cruising group provide a higher proportion of security volunteers than any other part of the PYC but if anyone else can provide occasional night duties please contact Alec Hopley or the PYC office.

Keep up to date with youth section activities by joining the Manic Piranhas facebook group at

Youth Section Applications/Dinghy Hire now open on WebCollect at

Hourly hire of club Optimist, RS Feva or Sport 16 is avaliable at HTTP://PYCYOUTH.CO.UK

Please ensure that emails from the following address are not getting stuck in a junk mail folder: 
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Training is available for children/grandchildren of Club members and runs from late April to mid-September.

We have RYA Training School status but this is not a profit-making organization and is run entirely by volunteers.
It therefore relies heavily on parents of the sailors to provide practical help on Wednesday evenings both on and off the water.As part of the deal there is an expectation that at least one parent/guardian of each sailor be present and contactable at the Club for the duration of each session, and if not busy on the water, will be available to help launch and recover not just their own children’s boats but others as well, for parents who are on the water.

If you are not already registered with us we can add your email address to our online system (PYCYouth at the WebCollect site here: so that you will be on our mailing list and will thereforeget to hear when applications open along with any other news of Youth Section events etc.Email us with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




We have spaces on the youth committee for general members and all roles such as Vice Chairman, Vice Principal etc. for anyone who feels able to take on an ongoing role in the committee. Please contact any committee member or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., either before the AGM or at any time during the season.

Download Minutes of Committee Meetings

pdf PYC Youth Committee Minutes February 2016

pdfPYC Youth Committee Minutes January 2016
pdfPYC Youth Committee Minutes December 2015 
pdfPYC Youth Committee Minutes October 2015
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 Download information about Youth Section/RYA Training


pdfAn Introduction to Youth Training 2017
pdfRYA Syllabus

pdfRYA Start Race Syllabus

pdfRYA Intermediate Race Syllabus

MM Safety 3 
Photo © Mike Millard 

Wednesday Volunteers:

As we run the youthsection training on a purely voluntary basis, and to prevent it being the same few people repeatedly manning the beach or slipway, we ask that every family commit at least one person to doing a minimum of 6 duties per season. In the first instance this would involve being a beach or slip helper for not only your own children but for all groups, and for both launch and recovery; coordinating launch and recovery as slipmaster or beachmaster; helping in the Sailing Office as Shore Coordinator; or manning the Tally Board at the beginning and end of a session. All training will be given and we will run a buddy system to help share the expertise of those who have already had years of experience.

We understand very well the difficulties of trying to rig and derig boats, whilst looking after your children, especially when you have younger children to look after as well – we have been there ourselves! – but we feel that a minimum of 6 duties per season per family is not too much to ask to help us run safe, friendly and efficient sessions.

We will publish a duty roster and keep a register, in the same way as the adult sailing volunteer duties are arranged (please note that the adults’ race nights volunteer form is separate from the Youth Section volunteer requirements).

If you wish to be a RIB assistant or other on the water volunteer (and this is a popular request) we ask that you serve an apprenticeship onshore at least for the first season.

That may sound a bit crazy, but as our Wednesday evening training has grown from strength to strength you guys are rapidly becoming extremely good sailors. I know many of you are travelling to far flung places to race and some are members of zone or national squads; however there is also a huge number who are great sailors.

So what’s next?